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Live Feed Updates Sunday 3/3/13

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I'm calling it a nite :waves:

Thanks! Ugot

A lot of the houseguests now have dinner. Poor Aneal looks like he will be the second HG to go.

Houseguests with small talk now. Like what wine they hate etc.

Now houseguests discussing how much they would shave their head for.  :groan:

Someone's bday is coming up missed who it was.

Houseguests now discussing age

Now they are discussing when to have kids.

Now the guys discussing STDS  :lol3:

LOOOOOOOOOL this week on Big Brother Gary wins the veto and Andrew tells a STD story LOL! (Andrew says)

They now discuss time and what time it is

Now the guys discussing bro-mances in the house.

I have got to go I don't think anything important will happen though lol

Morning time for the HG's :hoot:

Gary Aneal AJ Topaz and Peter out back on the sofa's  Aj it's not good to fight your  body when it wants to sleep you need to sleep.. and I'm eating better so that's making me sleep

 Aneal it's  hard to stay awake because the beds are super comfy and there is nothing to do during the day

Aj there is nothing uncomfortable in this place.. except the stools


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