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Live Feed Updates Sunday 3/3/13

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The girls are cleaning up after breakfast

Talla isn't sure on how to use the blender she's mixing up her slop

Danielle tried the breakfast but she didnt like it so she tossed it out

Danielle I feel sick.. I'll just have yogurt

Jillian  Liza you want eggs?

Liza yeah if you are going to do it in 2 separate pans.

 Jillian I''ll make scramble eggs

Gary says yeah I want cheese!

Danielle if i have to go on slop i'm going to starve myself like Gandhi

 Emmett how long did Gandhi go for?

 Peter you can  go far on just water

Danielle if it wasn't green maybe it's the green coloring that doesnt it to me


All feeds on the kitchen area at this time

Peter I fell down

 Danielle you did?

 peter yeah every time I  get up I feel dizzy

 Danielle what??  I'm gonna black out if i go on slop!

I'll be back later on :waves:

Camera 1

Suzette, Gary and Jillian continuing to make breakfast.

The houseguests are driving me crazy throwing out all this food!

I hear Aneal telling someone that Aj has a good strategy and people should take him out as opposed to him (I can barely hear him). He says yesterday was a mindfu*k and that today his spirits are up and he isn't out until he is actually out.

Jillian now asks for cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla to put on her breakfast. 


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