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Live Feed Updates Sunday 3/3/13

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Jilian HOH

Peter Alec Tom and Talla are have Nots

Aneal and Gary are Nominated for Eviction

POV Players are Jillian Gary Aneal Peter Danielle Liza AJ

Gary won POV 

Dinner time for the eaters in the house

 Emmett and Jillian are on the hammock Jillian is drinking some wine

 Topaz and gary are telling them to go inside to eat

Jillian I feel so bad I dont want to be around Aneal

They head inside to have some salmon

Tom put some slop on Emmett's plate  because they are eating again in front of Tom

 Gary cheers to him winning POV

Alex cleaning dishes

Andrew and others laughing at the dining table

All 4 cameras now foused in the dining/kitchen

Tom is sitting down with them with a plate of slop and using a knife and fork and they hg's are laughing at him

Tom fed Jillian some slop

Tom I hope I'm not ruining your POV dinner party.. Im just really hungry 

Jillian that was the grossest bite of food I have ever ate in my life.. that was really gross

  the Hg's are giggling away.. I think it's the wine giggles :hosed: 


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