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Peter I was adement about not getting a Letter  in my HOH basket . I want to make like im so upset  to everyone.

 Liza that's going to be so much fun

 Peter yeah i'm gonna be like "where's my letter" :crybabe:

Peter everyone in here it's like their escape from reality and i came here to come home

peter I think we should limit our talk time.. we shouldnt make it obvious

 Liza yeah..

Peter im not going to become Tom  and Andrew it's efff'n disgusting.. my obvious alliance has to be Alec and only Alec

 liza me making the  girls allaince  jsut becuase

Liza and those guys hall have girls on their minds.. have you ever saw a BB season where there were 3 showmances like a JeJo? I have not and never this early it's like week 2 and it was Day 3 and there is a love-mance

Liza if it was me and tom on the block it will be Tom that wil go home

 Peter yeah unless he wins POV again.. but he's really good with the social

 Liza the followers want to be lead..

 peter he wants to be with the floaters.. if you take the Shepard from the sheep they scatter so dont

Liza he gets so emotional and I keep talking him down all the time

 Liza we now see that gary is a competitor

 Peter yeah he has to be dealt with.. but one week at a time..

Peter who's the replacement gonna be

 Liza did i tell you that Emmett offered himself  to go up

 Peter huh??

 Aneal knocks on the door and game talk stops..

Aneal Im exhausted.. Im physically  tired..

Aneal I want to sleep it off  the room is so bright and cold..

  Aneal I just wnat to say goodnight guys.. I'll see you guys tomorrow

 Liza just kick people out of the room

 Aneal yeah im in no position to do that..

Liza yeah so back to Emmett wanting to go up as a apwn

 peter that's a vote you never put up a vote.. who are we playing with? we should be going right to allstars?

Liza that's not going to happen her plan is to get Gary NOT to use the POV on himself

 Peter thst would be  awesome

Talla is making up her have not bed on the floor of the have not room


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