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Live Feed Updates Saturday 3/2/13

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JIllian down in the kitchen with peter

Talla has decided that she is going to sleep on the floor she is scared that she is going to roll off the  bed

Emmett up in the HOH 

Emmett is telling Jillian  what to ssay to danielle  tell her that she is just a pawn

 jillian what if she says she's cutting a deal with people

 emmett then just say that  no one likes her here

 emmett you got to get Aneal out he's  like a general out here..  the longer he stays the more dangerous he is.. not like he would make it far but ...


Aneal is making a happy Birthday for Alec  on the dinning table

Sleep time up in the HOH  with Emmett and Jillian

sleep time  in the HOH


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