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Live Feed Updates Saturday 3/2/13

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Things are getting silly in the  have not room with Topaz and Talla

Talla keeps farting  they kicked her out of the have not room

have not room pics

and  birthday decorations in the kitchen  for Alec

Last pics of the HG's before i cut out

Peter in the kitchen with Aneal and Topaz

night everyone! :waves:

by = backyard

Aj, Alec, Talla, Emett in by playing chess

Topaz and Gary discussing in the by

It might be a by lockdown

Aneal poses the question do you think kat is watching and Talla says lets wave

Gary tells Topaz that he needs Tom gone then Emett

Topaz talks Gary out of it though :lol:

Topaz thinks Gary will go up against presumably Danielle as a pawn

Apparently Gary told someone about getting out Tom and now Topaz says he shouldn't have said it.  He told Emett this  :groan:

Gary asks Topaz if she would use the veto on him, and she says she doesn;t want to this early but she kind of has too

Peter, Alec, Gary and Topaz - an alliance Gary proposes

Now Gary says F Sue lol repeatdly

And now BB says Topaz put on your microphone

Now Andrew and Alec playing makeshift baseball

Now one wants to use the pool and no one has so far apparently lol


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