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Live Feed Updates Saturday 3/2/13

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Jillian HOH

Have Not comp was played today

Tom Talla Alec Peter are Have Nots

The boys had to take off their leg hair with Nair 

Jillian and Suzette are talking Jillian  you are safe.. no worries..

 suzette thanks..  I didnt want to bother you tonight  i know that yu have alot of people coming up..

 Jillian I want to know if i put a couple up

 suzette I  wont say anything  I know i made a mistake last week by telling 2 people and they  went and ran and told everyone

 Jllian i just need to know that if you win POV would you keep the noms the same

 Suzette yeah if I am safe

 Jillian im not telling anyone anything but  I want my noms to stay the same

Suzette yeah.. i  understand.. if you ever need a favor reciprocated .. I know that there isnt anyone to trust.. you just let me know who yo want me to vote for once we are past the  POV . I dont want to know anything


JIllian I have been telling eveyone that they are safe but you are safe.. and you can trust me on that..

 suzette... I dont want any toxic behavior but i know in the house that it's going to  hapen and dont think that if i'm talking to  a person here and ther that im talking game

 jillian i feel like !@#$ right now..

 suzette well you  do what you got to do and thank you for keeping me safe.. i fell like the Godfather right now

 Suzette and Emmett knew that he was safe that i didnt want to send him home..

 jillian yeah.

Have nots in the have not room firuing out the sleeping arangments  Talla is gonna sleep with Tom and Alec and Topaz are on the round bed for now


Talla has the slop :fart:

Suzette joins them in hte have not room to say good night

 Suzette this is like a dirty motel!!


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