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Live Feed Updates Friday 3/1/13

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1 week into the season and Topaz and Alec are making out! :lol3:

Jilian they asked my why i was sticking up for Tom stealth whispering

 (she's talking to Emmett in bed)

BB Jillian please put on your mic :lol3:

All the bedroom chatter settled down we can now hear Jillian and Emmett

Jillian I want to talk to you about everything

Emmett alright

Emmett and Jillian head to the kitchen

 Talla is going to sleep

Everyone else is in the kitchen

Andrew Liza Alec Topaz Emmett Jillian  peter and Gary in the kitchen

Everyone is just wiating for Jillian to get her HOH

 Suzette is in the DR

Jillian we were up there (comp) for over 2 hrs

 Liza we started to drop at the 1 hr mark

Emmett there was no way I was going to make it 2 hrs


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