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Live Feed Updates Friday 3/1/13

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Topaz, Tom and Liza now in have not room with small talk

Now discussing the room

Tom says suzette sucks and can't play in competitions and everyone was thinking that.

Liza says she would have had to shave her head if Aj threw her in the competition.

Tom and Liza are in a cuddlemance

Topaz now going to get food Liza joins her .

Majority of the house now in the kitchen. Suzette, Aneal, Liza, Topaz, Gary, Andrew, Aj

Aj and Andrew now eating steak, fries and Asparagus

Emett and Jillian in the HOH room by themselves

I have to head out now

Alec and Topaz all snugly in the have not room

Topaz Jillian doesn't know that you know thatJ illian wants to put up Danielle

 Alec Aj is good for us and we get along with him.. he's a pretty readable person

Thanks Leafsfan!! :waves:

Aneal is up in the HOH saying good night to jillian and emmett..

 emmett is sleeping up in the HOH

Thanks everyone we're gonna lock this thread down and move on over to a new day :waves:  http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,28546.0.html


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