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Oh, I accidentally clicked on JDA's performance because I thought it was a girl's performance. And gosh, I... don't know what to say about it.

Back to the girls then.

Janelle Arthur, very boring song choice. She sang a song meant for Angela, she should stick with Carrie Underwood. I hope the judges bring her back based on her potential! I feel that she has a really great potential to be a great country singer? Bring her back judges!
Score: 6/10

Julia Chahayed... I didn't like the starting... and I didn't like her voice/song choice either. A honest delivery but really, pitchy throughout. Is she allowed to try for Idol again if she doesn't make it? Because I feel if she join again in a few years, she will be a great polished singer? I felt that she should have gone with Taylor Swift. :(
PS: She has so many Youtube likes... am I alone here?
Score: 5.5/10

Cristabel Clack, a nice voice from the beginning. (I agree with Nicki, it was OUT OF CONTROL!) But why does she have to crack her voice so often? A lot of personality though. I felt that she tried to overdo a really simple song that should meant to be done acoustic. Not her way. :(
Score: 6/10

Breanna Steer, a lot of personality, reminds me of Rihanna, maybe she should attempt her song in future? This song felt lazy when it went to the chorus. :( It felt more like jazz, which doesn't suit her voice which I felt is more pop and contemporary.
Score: 6.5/10

Rachel Hale: What a sexy voice! She's got groove, but she lost it at the end. She was off-key, pitchy and she really blew it. That was awkward. What a pity! I really like her personality and everything but she really lost it at the end. :(
Score: 6.5/10

Jett Hermano: I got chills from the beginning when she started singing, but she sounded strained, or do you call that raspy :lol3: at times? But I like the arrangement, the whole sincerity of the performance and I wish she gets through to the next wrong! I agree with Randy and Nicki, something was missing and it was the climax that didn't come... :(
Score: 7.5/10

Aubrey: She has the whole package, singing is pretty karaoke-ish, she arranged Sweet Dreams to become even a slower song, which I don't think I really like. But overall, she hit all the high notes that she needed to hit, and she has an almost perfect performance. Plus, she's really likeable and she chose a song that people know... I don't really know if I want to go her through, but if she does, I'm probably okay with it..? Very honest and sincere, gorgeous and everything.
Score: 7/10

Candice Glover
Janelle Arthur
Jett Hermano
Zoanette Johnson (I don't really like her performance, but she's going to go through anyway)

Breanna Steer might take the last spot. If that's the case, I think Jett or Janelle goes home. :(

PART 1: Zoanette, Aubrey and Candice! Omg.

Jett may not make it since she's after Candice...


Then Breanna will make it. I'm really okay with it, come to think of it. Breanna has more star power and quality than Jett. :(

Rachel VS Janelle... Rachel lost it in the end. Janelle, not the best performance.

And Janelle goes through! PHEW!

Honestly of the five, only Candice really deserved to be there, Aubrey due to her star quality and because well, Janelle has a REALLY REALLY GOOD VOICE. Breanna... good night for her and she was lucky. Zoanette... I wished it was Jett taking her spot, but Rachel could have been there too if she chose a correct song!

But no one except Candice stood out... unlike last week!


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