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Live Feed Updates Thursday Live Eviction 2/28/13

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Emmett and liza are talking on the sofa's  near the kitchen.. general chatter about Darts

Gary and Danielle are doing dance steps inside the kitchen area

Tom is talking to Jillian and Topaz in the bathroom..

Tom is talking about his Good bye messages

kat and Aneal are still scheming on teh hammock

 Sleeping arrangement's are being made  seems Liza and Tom want to sleep in the same beds tonight  :hoot:

Suzette is finally out of the pool

Alec and Topaz are scheming by the bathroom

I'm heading out for the nite :waves:

Kat was talking with Gary and someone else (probably Talla?) about the vote outside... Hey, it's raining. :lol3: It sounds like Kat is going home from the way she's speaking.

Topaz and Alec are talking strategy. Seems like they have a thing for each other. ;) Topaz asked Alec who he would take to the F3 and he responded that he would take her, but she would win because everyone likes her. Alec says that 4 or 5 people would put Tom up.

And then Topaz tells Alec he needs to clip his toenails.


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