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Best Canadian Reality TV Moments Of 2014
« on: December 24, 2014, 03:53:55 PM »
Best Canadian Reality TV Moments Of 2014: 'Big Brother Canada,' 'The Amazing Race Canada' And More

7. The Demise Of The "First Five"
"Big Brother Canada 2" got off to an incredibly slow start. My dislike of the "MYSTERY HG?!" twist is hardly a secret, and it appeared the "First Five" alliance of Arlie, Sabrina, Andrew, Kenny and Sarah would predictably dominate the game at the expense of our entertainment. But, then it was Canada's turn to be HoH, and they forced the house to flip by nominating "best friends" Andrew and Sabrina. This forced then-under-the-radar players Jon and Neda to get in the game and mobilize their troops, and soon the "Sloppy Seconds" covertly took control of the house. "Big Brother Canada 2" became one of the more unpredictable games in the series' history. It's rare an alliance is completely annihilated like that without a push from a challenge or production interference (see also: the Fall of the Rotu Four in "Survivor: Marquesas"), but in this case, it totally revitalized the game. Oh, and my favourite reality contestant of the year, Sabrina Abbate, made it to the Final Two.

3. Jon And Neda's "Big Brother Canada 2" Love Story
She was the teacher, and he was her pupil. She the superfan, and he the "Big Brother" rookie. She's a fashion stylist from Vancouver, and he's a hockey stud(ent) from Clarenville, NF. An unlikely pair from the beginning, Jon and Neda developed a brother-sister bond inside the "Big Brother Canada 2" house. In other words, she scratched his back, and he scratched hers. She even waxed his stomach on-camera! In spite of their seemingly endless playfights, pranks and all-out adorable behaviour, their relationship never became romantic until they left the house. Besides, Jon had a girlfriend at the time. The two ran the house for most of the game, but when it came time to get to the Final 2, Jon cut Neda and took Sabrina to the end. He knew he couldn't beat Neda, and Neda would have done the same thing had she gotten to the end. But, this slight wasn't enough to curb their unlikely love story, which played out for all of Canada to see. The two are now dating, and live together in Toronto.

This clip speaks for itself. Sabrina is the best. I may have contributed to 100 of these YouTube views, and have absolutely no regrets about it.

1. Ika Shreds Everybody's Letters From Home
Ika Wong, we hardly knew ye. Like I wrote then, this is a reality TV hall-of-fame moment. All reality TV show producers should get their ideas from the Staples flyers. If there's a sale on paper shredders, why not have a challenge where a marginalized contestant has the choice between winning $5,000 or letting her fellow competitors read correspondence from their loved ones? Oh, and make sure said marginalized contestant doesn't know her rivals are watching and listening to her trash talk them as she cements her decision. It's hard to describe how amazing this moment is.

"Rachelle, f**k you. I could care less about who wants to write you a freakin' letter. You just got one, bitch."

That was just the start of Ika's put-downs.

Spitting vitriol and tears, the rest of the cast is livid that Ika would destroy their only contact with the outside world, and that she would do so with pleasure. Already guaranteed the boot that week, Ika showed all of her cards and shredded those letters with glee. And when she learned the others were watching her all along, and she had to walk back into the house? Gold, Jerry. Gold.

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