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Danielle.. and that's because Danielle has a major crush on Emmett but we didn't get to see all of that go down since that happened before the live feeds

--- Quote from: Leafsfan on March 01, 2013, 03:11:01 PM ---Ugot who is that person that Jillian has personal against?

--- End quote ---

Current showmance: Alec and Topaz

On the verge of happening Showmance : Jillian and Emmett

Most jealous of not having any showmance : Danielle

Most fouled mouth HG: Gary he refers to everything as the B word

Most quiet HG Peter

Hardest game player  and working everyone's nerves to death: Aneal

Top ranking complainer:  Talla

Most arrogant: Tom

Most Cocky: Tom

Most condescending: Tom with Andrew in a close 2nd

Most Delusional: Alec he that forgets he's in a game

I Dont give a :dick: : Danielle she's not about to kiss anyone's :ass:

The forgettable: Suzette

The coat tail rider: Topaz

 Note: Some of these are going to be set in stone for the duration of the show and some will change :lol3:  And I reserve the right to change my opinion  at anytime since  I'm clearly one of the only ones here watching this! :lolmao:

Phone ring yet? :D

 Nope :)

--- Quote from: Kandace on March 02, 2013, 03:41:54 PM ---Phone ring yet? :D

--- End quote ---

Their format is a bit different than ours..

Instead of having nominations on Friday they have them Saturday and do the Veto comp the same day.

Not sure if this will be the norm for them as well but they blocked the feeds after the nominations to keep all the juicy content for themselves  :pull:


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