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SO it's almost over and all i can say is that if Emmett believes what gary is saying Emmett did all that work he claims to have done for NOTHING!

 Emmett should stick with Jill and Tala

 Emmett should also not be too secure on  the JURY having the only votes .. even though we know  that is how it will be.

 BB has twisted every single thing anyone has based thier conception  of what Big Brother  is so why be so secure now..

 Emmett knows Gary told lies to Jill about the Jury so  heads up Young Buck.. you got lied to as well

 Talla worked hard on staying in the game against all the comments, dirty looks, back talking..   and back stabbing that was done.. She should  be there with  Emmett and Jillian

  Emmett will NOT use  HIS POV because it makes no sense there is no one to put up

And Emmett is the SOLE vote

IF Gary stays and it's Emmett and Gary in the F2.. Gary wins..

IF it's Jillian and gary.. Jillian wins

If it's Jillian and Talla Jillian wins

If it's Emmett and Jillian.. I say Jillian wins because even though Emmett played under the radar.. she does have the wins and blood on her hands  to prove to the jury  she played the game.

The Jury will vote on GAME not loyalty.. even though they all know Jillian lied and promised to them.. they all CHOSE to believe her..

I can only hope that Jillian wins Part 1 and Part 3

Wow... lots of intrigue!


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