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I hope feeds come back tonight  :)

Gary's playing everyone.. and he will pit everyone against each other it's his only way to stay safe :meow:

 Emmett was a thug last night telling him what he was going to do to Gary because Gary didnt tell him ALL his info and deals he had on..  (:;) Did Emmett show the same trust heck no!

Jillian got real good at lying and being fake.. it didnt take long at all for her to drop that school teacher role she was fronting :monroe:

Andrew deserves to win this game for 2 reasons.. he stay lowed   for a large part of the game and  alive thru all the chaos. And he won challenges. I hope he wins POV and takes himself off the block.

 Emmett is going to put Andrew and Gary on the block so that should clear up where Andrew 's pecking order is on Emmett's list.

If Gary stays  it won't be because he deserves to. what is this "Deserves to stay crapola!! :bags:

Talla deserves it way more than he does. She put up with slop and people and did all the challenges and tasks even though she had major  :iok and beautiful meltdowns  :tantrum  She was BB classic comedy  :lol3:

Gary got voted in but  was debriefed   blahblah from the jury members and he's got way  too much info good and bad.  :ascared

This is  something that would have never happened  on the USA version.

I think this last twist was an after thought..  :noway: If they meant to do this from the get go they should have sequestered the individuals until needed.  I call BS   :furious: on this "twist" :ugot

It's like a punch in the face to the real BB fans out there that know how important information in the game is..  If you are going to release intell do it as you are walking out the door.. not in the jury house where a HG might be brought back in. :knuckles:

WHY do they cut the feeds when DAN is in the house  (:;) (:;)

All the chaos that Dan has caused in the house is typical Dan. :lol3:

 Andrew is not falling for it one bit :umn:

 Emmett wasn't falling for it but seems to have ben a listtle misted  :colors

 Talla has completed been misted :angel:  however she loves that she can finally talk to someone who wont reveal anything back to anyone  that is left in the house and that he's leaving and not able to jeopardize her position in the house

Dan has given major props to Gary for being back in the house with all the knowledge he has from jury house

Gary also loves that fact that Dan is in the house however.. Gary's mind is way too strong and now that he has won the veto he is sticking to his plan of being with Jillian and Emmett to show loyalty

 So who  is going to change up their original plan?

 I think it will be andrew .. he has to make a deal with Gary to use the veto on him and force emmett to get Jillian to go on the block and both Gary and Andrew will send Jillian home..

 This was not an option 42 hrs ago.

 Other wise Gary comes off the block and Talla goes up and they most likely will be sending Andrew home.. Since he is a threat to Jillian and emmett's physical Game.

WOW he can use the veto on Andrew? interesting


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