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WELCOME!!! This will be the place to discuss what is happening with the live feeds. There will be spoilers which is why it isn't placed in the BB Canada Discussion Topic. There you can discuss things in general, here we'll discuss what is happening on the feeds themselves. Have fun! Discuss away!

This thread will be unlocked after BB Canada goes live!

Seems like Tom has a major chip on his shoulder already in this show.

Also each guy except  Gary seems  to want to get a showmance going with every girl in the house but Suzette :lol:

I'm not sure if  production knows how to works the on off button but we are getting some feed coverage of the  2nd HOH comp! :lol:

 Tom has a HUGE chip on his shoulder.. and he is gunning for Suzette who put him up on the block for no reason at all.. Which he didnt like  to bad that thiis is the game he signed up for! :lol3:

One thing that will be good if Tom and Suzette stay in the house we have tension and drama!! :lol3:

Drama already!  :lol3:

Ugot who is that person that Jillian has personal against?


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