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Chateau d If:

--- Quote from: starrynight on February 25, 2013, 11:14:50 AM ---It was actually a decent episode, though it always looked likely that the eliminated team would end up last on the mat.  Incredibly stupid of them not to go to the other detour quicker, it looked like it was in the same area and other teams had been penalised so they had time to switch.  Despite the editing to make drama of the 'asian' team getting slightly lost it really wasn't that close at all.  While several of the teams seem bland (the usual wealthy bland American suburbanites) there have been some reasonable tasks so far.  Maybe they could have forced teams to start the stilts tasks again once they had fallen down, they would have have probably done that in earlier seasons where tasks where harder.

--- End quote ---

Pam  & Winnie lost a lot of time motoring about.  Most of the teams ahead of them had checked in by 9 am or so.  Pam & Winnie were doing the Roadblock at noon with the last teams who had the 4 hour penalty (effectively reduced by the late water taxi hours of operation).

Checked in by 9am???  We really need longer legs, that's when the race is tougher and at its best.

Many teams could have finished by 9am, but Max/Katie did not start until 914am and Caroline/Jennifer until 915am. They cannot have finished much before 1045am. We know that Pam/Winnie finished after them.

My comments on the ep:

Firstly it was an epic leg in general <3

Loved both tasks <3

My favourites ATM are Team Youtube, Maxie, Chuck & Wynona (Wynona was EPIC this leg) and of course the Asians who IMO are just epic (even though I'm probably the only one who's fave team this seaon is the Asians)

CBS better do more island legs like this that are truly wonderful <3


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