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--- Quote from: theschnauzers on March 07, 2013, 05:36:57 PM ---The thing to keep in mind about the length of pit stops is that prior to TAR 18, when the just keep racing, no rest pit stops were first introduced, the show had dropped any mention of a minimum pit stop length of 12 hours.

I think we can deduce that the show is using the actual length of rest periods to better control the timing of legs and the overall time needed for filming, so the no rest period between legs 3 and 4 were not truly improvised, but rather a use of their flexible scheduling.

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I have trouble discerning the difference between "truly improvised" and "flexible."  It seems like the same thing to me. It's clear that World Race Productions carefully adjusts the time between checkin and pit stop release to minimize the chance that any team will break away from the pack. They have to know flight schedules in particular and any Hours of Operation delays that might combine with release times to keep bunching prevalent.

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What I'm getting at is that they're adjusting all of the lengths of the pit stops as they go in order to keep filming on schedule as much as possible. In the good ole days, production might have been forced to add 24 hours to a pit stop to keep things under control, these days, not so much. This last leg is an example of adjusting things in both Bora Bora and in New Zealand in order to stay as close as possible to the time sequences they planned on.

This has the effect of not having to have local production waiting when things would have otherwise fallen behind, since production would have to pay to have people waiting on standby for that leg to be filmed. So there's a clear economic factor involved and one that was harder to avoid in the early seasons. As it was, this cycle took 25 days to film, so TPTB had every economic incentive to keep things moving along.

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What was adjusted in Bora Bora?

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TPTB would have "adjusted" the length of the pit stop(s) in Bora Bora to fit the planned departure time(s) for flights at the beginning of the third leg. Keep in mind that the evidence is that the flight delays and multiple connections is what led TPTB to make the speculated changes (camping out at the site where they got their numbers after reaching Christchurch).

One thing to keep in mind. Ever since the show started filming in HD, they have tried to not start or finish legs at night as much as possible. They're not always able to do that, but that partially explains the variability of the length of pit stops.


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