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I prefer Brandon, Phillip annoys me too much.

A good start to this season, definitely better than The Amazing Race, last season was not too bad either I guess.  Normally I much prefer The Amazing Race but recently Survivor seems better.

I prefer none.

Brandon is a freak but more entertaining and Philip is a freak and annoying to watch!

I prefer Shamar lol..

Kidding aside, brandon seems wilder this time. at least phillip has made me laugh sometimes.

Glamazon Racer:
I don't understand how people find Phillip annoying to be honest... he just makes me laugh so much! :lol: Anyway, I just love Phillip - definitely in my Top Three of all time from the seasons I have seen. :hoot: :hoot:

Brandon I like sometimes. But sometimes I hate. His mood swings are way over the top... :crazy:


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