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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 22, Episode 2, "Loose lips sink ships"
Film date: probably Nov 15 2012

Teams are released from the pit stop at the Motu Cafe. At least that is what we are told. In reality teams are released on a jetty by the Hilton hotel. We are only shown a few team departures. Teams should have been released in the following order.
Note that the last two teams had 4 extra hours added to their pit stop since they gave up on a roadblock in the previous leg.

1.Jessica & John     02:56 2.Bates & Anthony    ? 3.Dave & Connor      ? 4.Pam & Winnie       ? 5.Mona & Beth        ? 6.Joey & Meghan      ? 7.Chuck & Wynona     ? 8.Idries & Jamil     ? 9.Max & Katie        09:14(+06:18)10.Caroline & Jennifer09"15(+06:19)
Route info: "Make your way by water taxi to Moto Toopua Nui". Teams must now travel by water taxi to the Hilton Bora Bora. Here they must search the grounds for the wedding chapel where they'll receive a blessing from a local priest. The water taxis begin operation at 07:30.

This is a very contrived hours of operations point since they in fact already are on Moto Toopua Nui. They will have to wait for a water taxi which will take them one lap around the island and deliver them them to a jetty on the other side of the hotel.

The first 8 teams are all released in time for the first departure. Dave & Connor take Jessica & John to the side and ask if they are going to honor the alliance. John says they will, but stresses that they must keep the alliance secret. He wants the other teams to suck up to him.

Choice quotes:
 "First rule in the alliance is the fact that it doesn't exist. And if we find out that one of the six teams that's not part of it all of a sudden becomes aware of it. Then the whole alliance falls apart. Loose lips sinks ships.", John invents reasons to not honor the alliance (and gets the title)
 "Honestly I think that condition of 'if anybody fins out' is ridiculous", Connor sees through the bull****
 "I don't really wanna suck up, that's against my nature", Mona sets standards for herself

At 07:30 the boats arrive to take the teams on a lap around the island. Once back on land teams rush to find the wedding chapel and the priest. This turns out to be up on a small hill so teams are quite winded when they reach him. They receive their blessing in the following order:
  1. Dave & Connor
  2. Jessica & John
  3. Bates & Anthony
  4. Joey & Meghan
  5. Mona & Beth
  6. Pam & Winnie
  7. Idries & Jamil
  8. Chuck & Wynona
  9. Max & Katie
 10. Caroline & Jennifer

Choice quotes:
 "Sorry you got a sucky partner", Wynona is sorry she can't run up the hill

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: 'Pick A Pearl' or 'Take
A Trunk'

Pick A Pearl: At a pearl farm in
Povai Bay, dive to retrieve
lines of oyster shells from a
main line. Then bring the
oyster shells to the surface and
open them up until you find two
red pearls.

Take A Trunk: Walk along the
ocean floor of Poval Bay and
search for a sunken chest.
Then unpack and set up the
contents of the chest to receive
your next clue.

Note: Only six teams can
perform this Detour at one
time. First come, first served

--- End quote ---

Pick a pearl is pretty straightforward as long as you're not deadly afraid of open water.

In take a trunk teams get to wear special dive helmets which provide air to them. The trunks are easy to find since they are just sitting in a pile next to the ladder teams descend on. They turn out to contain a complete picnic kit which teams must unpack and set up next to an umbrella on the sea floor. Once they are done a waiter, a diver wearing a tux, will come with their next clue.

For both detours teams must pick up a set of water-shoes and snorkeling gear before heading down from the priest. Dave & Connor forget this and doesn't realize until they are out in the boat arriving at the diving site. They have to go back and fetch their things before they can get into the water. This costs them a lot of time.

The water at the diving site is crystal clear and the diving looks wonderful.

Choice quotes:
 "We're currently in first place, so it feels good", Connor haven't realized they have forgotten to pick up their gear yet
 "Even without brains, two are better than one", Bates
 "It was the coolest thing ever", Beth enjoyed the detour

Joey & Meghan come up with a good system where he fetches the oysters and she opens them in the boat.

Winnie & Pam did not feel comfortable with the ocean, but they did
the detour with too much complaining.
 "I can barely keep afloat, i was so worried feeling like the ocean was just gonna swallow me whole", Pam

Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer are almost 2 ours behind the other teams so at the priest they decide to work together and pick the trunk detour. They both know that they are fighting for their survival.

But the alliance quickly falls apart when they reach the boats.
 "They want to throw us under the bus as fast as they can. And we wanna do the same", Max is refreshingly honest

 "I was hyperventilating a little bit", Max was not comfortable wearing the dive helmet
 "I wasn't panicking at all. I was like looking for Nemo", Katie was more relaxed

The ones really struggling at this detour are Idries & Jamil. They are petrified by the water so they are having a very hard time. Jamil even wants to take the penalty.
 "Know our limitation and let's go", Jamil wants to give up and not waste time
 "This water is deep as hell', Jamil is not comfortable in the about 4-6m deep water
 "I'm telling you, it's not gonna be comfortable but we can do it[/i", Idries
Eventually Idries wins out and they start picking up shells. Even though the rescue divers must come in at least once and lend some help. Unfortunately they pick the shells up one by one instead of untying the line they are fastened on. In the process they drop a few oysters. This is very unfortunate because when they have picked all their oysters, long after all other teams have left, they still only have one pearl. They decide to switch detour and make quick work of the trunk side.
 "Life lesson for the kids is never give up", Idries

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+3) Joey & Meghan, pearl
  2(+0) Jessica & John, pearl
  3(+0) Bates & Anthony, pearl
  4(-3) Dave & Connor, pearl, not long after #1
  5(+0) Mona & Beth, trunk
  6(+2) Chuck & Wynona, pearl
  7(-1) Pam & Winnie, pearl
  8(+1) Max & Katie, trunk
  9(+1) Caroline & Jennifer, trunk
 10(-3) Idries & Jamil, pearl, switched to trunk

Route info: "Make your way by personal watercraft to Motu Tapu". Teams must now swim over to a jet ski. They must then use a local map to guide themselves to Motu Tapu.

 "It was an epic ride. I seriously felt like we were in a movie escaping from the bad guys", Joey

The only team having trouble finding Motu Tapu were Pam & Winnie. They on the other hand got lost big time and waste a lot of time before they finally find it.
 "We're both not very comfortable on the ocean", Winnie
 "We wasted so much time. We really let the ocean get the best of us", Pam

Motu Tapu is a really small island where production has arranged for a local band and dancers to create a festive atmosphere. Teams find their next clue in a clue-box on the beach in the following order:
  1(+0) Joey & Meghan
  2(+0) Jessica & John
  3(+1) Dave & Connor
  4(-1) Bates & Anthony
  5(+0) Mona & Beth
  6(+0) Chuck & Wynona
  7(+0) Pam & Winnie
  8(+0) Max & Katie
  9(+0) Caroline & Jennifer, a few seconds after #8
 10(+0) Idries & Jamil, long after the others

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who's a well-balanced

--- End quote ---

In this road block contestants must walk on stilts and kick a coconut across a 35 yards wide field on the beach. If they fall down they must start over from the edge, but they can leave their coconut where it is. "Once their nut rolls over the line they can make their way to the pit stop[\i]" Phil says.

Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer catch up to Pam & Winnie at this road block so for a while there are three teams which all realize they may be fighting to avoid last.

Choice quotes:
 "This is really hard", Joey learns that walking on stilts is harder than it looks
 "Just like wearing heels", Pam, who still struggles
 "I grew up doing gymnastics, cheerleading and all that", Caroline had no problems with this
 "Caroline just kicked his ass, so that's pretty embarrassing for him", Katie is not happy at the road block

 "It might sound cheesy but it helps to see her and think 'I have got to get this done'", Max sees Katie at the other end of the field
 "Or I'll kill you", Katie fills in

 "They just beat us and that's really embarrassing", Winnie about Pam getting beaten by Max

In the end two of the local dancing guys wait by the finish line to motivate Pam.

Teams complete this roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+3)Bates & Anthony*    (1-2) 2(+1)Dave & Connor*      (1-2) 3(-1)Jessica* & John     (2-1) 4(+2)Chuck* & Wynona     (2-1) 5(-4)Joey* & Meghan      (2-1) 6(-1)Mona & Beth*        (1-2) 7(+2)Caroline* & Jennifer(2-1) 8(+0)Max* & Katie        (2-1) 9(-2)Pam* & Winnie       (2-1)10(+0)Idries & Jamil*     (1-2)         

The pit stop is somewhere on the island. It should not be hard to find since the island is really small. There are multiple footraces to reach Phil before other teams.

The first footrace is for 1st place. In this Dave ruptures his achilles tendon (at least that is his own diagnosis as it happens).
 "I can't walk, I'd like to see a physician to determine if I can keep going", Dave
The second footrace is between Chuck & Wynona and Joey & Meghan.

Teams reach Phil in the following order:
  1(+0) Bates & Anthony, win a trip to London
  2(+0) Dave & Connor, a few seconds after #1
  3(+0) Jessica & John
  4(+1) Joey & Meghan
  5(-1) Chuck & Wynona
  6(+0) Mona & Beth
  7(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
  8(+0) Max & Katie
  9(+0) Pam & Winnie
 10(+0) Idries & Jamil

 "We gave it our best effort. We didn't achieve our goal but we gave it our best effort. And I think that once the sting wears off we'll be able to rest easy with that", Idries

Note, fixed Pam & Winnies decline at the road block

maf , Pam and Winnie should have a -2 in the roadblock.


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