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--- Quote from: apskip on May 25, 2013, 06:58:08 AM ---I have not had the opportunity to provide you with some corrections for the Belfast episode directly, but at the Bog Swim ROADBLOCK Jennifer actually failed a second time before taking a long additional time to make her successful 3rd try.

--- End quote ---

That's already in the report:

--- Quote ---On her second go Jennifer gives up before she has even completed half of the swimming.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---From the Extra Videos, Mona and Beth actually tried Spray It before switching to Tray It.

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately I didn't get to see those, and now they are marked private.


PS Sorry for the delay in posting the last reports. Life has been busy lately.

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 22, Episode 11.2 "Beacon of hope"
Film date: Dec 6-7  2012

This is the second part of the finale episode

The last pit stop was in Ulster Hall, Belfast. And this is also where teams are released the next morning in the following order:
1.Max & Katie        05:042.Bates & Anthony    05:05(+0:01)3.Mona & Beth        05:47(+0:43)
Route info: "Make your way to the final destination. To find our where it ts, travel by ferry across the Irish sea to Liverpool". Once in Liverpool teams must take a train to London and find the Euston Tap bar and order a pint to receive their next clue.

Teams jump into taxis and make their way to the ferry terminal. Here they find that the first ferry departs at 10:30, which means all teams make it. The ferry ride takes 8 hours so they arrive in Liverpool at 18:30. The ferry ride is a nice break from the normal hustle of the race. Everybody is friendly since there isn't anything they can do to get there faster.

 "Everybody is very friendly right now, but when we get off this ferry we know it's going to be another foot race from then on out", Beth
 "It's like the calm before the storm", Max

In Liverpool teams probably try to catch the 18:48 train to London Euston which arrives at 21:02. Two teams make it. Bates & Anthony seem to miss it and probably took the next train 19:48 with arrival 22:09.

In London teams reach the Euston Tap bar in the following order:
 1. Mona & Beth
 2. Max & Katie, a second later
 3. Bates & Anthony, about an hour later

Route info: "Fly to your final destination, our nations capitol Washington D.C.". Once teams land they must make their way to where Martin Luther King Jr gave his "I have a dream..." speech. They have to figure out by themselves that this is on the steps of the Lincoln memorial. Nobody seems to have any problems with this.

 "Shall we go and finish our beer?", Max after having read the clue
 "No", But Katie wants to keep racing full speed

The flight to Washington is pre-determined, as it has been in all recent seasons. The flight is probably:
 UA923 LHR-IAD Dec-7 07:30-10:42

At the airport teams make their way to the marked ticket counter and wait for it to open. This means a night at the airport since the first team arrives at 23:30 and the counter opens at 05:15.

When tams arrive at Dulles they jump into taxis and make their way for
the Lincoln memorial. They reach it in the following order:
 1. Max & Katie
 2. Mona & Beth, less than a minute after #1
 3. Bates & Anthony, less than a minute after #2

As teams stand on the marked spot a man steps forward and explains what the spot means before he hands them their next clue.

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to 1100
Pennsylvania Avenue.
Once there, a Secret
Service agent will escort
you to have your picture
taken with the President
of the United States -
Barack Obama.

And while you may not
personally agree with
President Obama's
policies, please be
respectful of the office he
holds. Decorum must be
observed at all times!

--- End quote ---

The additional information also allegedly includes a list of rules on how to behave. In reality this is a cruel joke. Teams will be escorted to a tacky tourist shop where their picture will be taken and digitally inserted into a photo with the president.

 "I'm a pretty big republican", but Max wows to respect the office and behave

The moms get a bit too excited and ask their driver to take them to 1100 Pennsylvania, the White House. Once at the White house they don't find any race markers and eventually they realize they are in the wrong place (the White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue).

The hockey players also ask to be taken to the White House, but once in the cab they point out that they need to go to 1100, not 1600.

Teams arrive at the secret service agents in the following order:
 1(+0) Max & Katie
 2(+1) Bates & Anthony
 3(-1) Mona & Beth

 "Ah man, I thought it was real", Katie is disappointed

Once teams receive their pictures they turn them over and find their next clue.

--- Quote ---Find the marked car near the paddleboat
dock at the Tidal Basin. Knock on the rear
passenger window three times and you will
receive a briefcase with your next clue.

--- End quote ---

Teams reach the marked car by the Tidal Basin in the following order:
 1(+0) Max & Katie
 2(+0) Bates & Anthony, a minute or so after #1
 3(+0) Mona & Beth, as team #1 leaves

The briefcase contains a roadblock clue: "Who's ready for some covert ops?". The extra info reads:

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Search for a "spy" carrying
a briefcase identical to
yours. Use this password:

"The cherry blossoms are
beautiful here in April."

If you have found the right
spy, they will respond with:

"I will have to bring my
mother next spring."

They will exchange their
briefcase for yours, along
with the "key" to open it.
Then return to your partner
and open the briefcase.

--- End quote ---

This task is a switchback from season 8.

There are 50 "spies" walking around the Tidal Basin. Each conspicuously dressed in a black coat and sunglasses. Each team has a unique set of passwords. This means that there is exactly one correct agent out there for each team.

The "key" top opening the briefcase is: "The key to opening the briefcase is in the order you finished in New Zealand, Indonesia and Vietnam". It seems to be the same for each team.

This task is almost completely luck based. There is a small amount of skill in that teams must remember their positions in three legs. They are  allowed to use their notes, which all remaining teams had taken, so the memory part of this task is very easy.

Max & Katie get the password "Where can I get a good half-smoked with chili?". The expected response is "I've heard there's a great place on U Street".

Bates & Anthony get the password "I did not dress warm enough for this weather". The expected response is "Perhaps you'd like to borrow by gloves".

Mona & Beth get the password "The cherry blossoms are beautiful here in April." The expected response is "I will have to bring my mother next spring."

 "He'd better be running his butt off", Katie wants Max to hurry (and he is hurrying)
 "I could kiss you on the lips right now", Beth is very relieved when she finally finds the right agent

Teams complete this roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+1)Bates* & Anthony    (6-6)2(+1)Mona & Beth*        (6-7)3(-2)Max* & Katie        (7-6)A couple of seconds after #2
Route info: "Make your way to the home of the Nats". Teams must now make their way to the National stadium where the next clue sits in a clue box by an entrance.

 "Oh, we ran right by it, once again par for the course", Mona & Beth have trouble finding the clue box again

Teams reach the clue box at the entrance of the stadium in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony
 2(+1) Max & Katie
 3(-1) Mona & Beth

--- Quote ---Play Ball!

In a high-flying game of
catch, soar like an eagle
across the home field of
the Washington
Nationals and throw a
baseball to your partner
on the diamond below.

Once you have caught
the ball from your
partner, toss it to the
pitcher on the mound,
he will pitch to the
batter at home plate,
who will then hit it into
the outfield. Retrieve that
ball for your next clue.

--- End quote ---

One team member will be suspended in a zip line above the field. The other will be dressed as a giant baseball. The flying team member must then throw a baseball to their partner on the ground, who must catch it. If they drop the ball, or miss it completely, they must reset and try again.

The soaring team members are: Anthony, Katie and Mona

Catching the baseball is a lot harder than it sounds. The costume is unwieldy and the helmet they wear limits their field of vision a lot. Luckily for teams the reset is fairly quick. They just use a rope to drag back the zip line partner and they are good to go again.

 "Oh my god, you suck at baseball", Katie when Max misses yet again
 "This is so cool. I'm on the Nationals field, in the most ridiculous outfit on the planet", Beth

The hockey brothers seem to complete this task pretty quickly on their second shown attempt. Max & Katie struggles a little and Mona & Beth struggles a lot. The latter finally catches the ball on the 17th attempt.

Teams complete this task in he following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony, before #2 has even arrived
 2(+0) Max & Katie, just as #3 is about to start the task
 3(+0) Mona & Beth

The next destination "Hains Point" is written on the baseball.

Teams reach Hains Point in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony
 2(+0) Max & Katie
 3(+0) Mona & Beth

Route info: "You made your way around the globe. Where did you go?". The setup for this task is one big ball pit which contains about 1500 inflated earth globes. Most globes have one specific country highlighted in red. The task is to find globes with the 10 countries they have visited and place them in the correct order. Once they have done this another globe will open and reveal their next clue.

 "It was like I was 10 years old again", Anthony has memories of ball pits
 "If we had to find these countries before this race, there's no way", Bates has learned something on the race
 "Well, this is a frigging nightmare", Katie has just jumped into the ball pit

The editing makes it seem as if Mona & Beth arrive just after Max & Katie. But it feels like Max & Katie had been there for a while. In any case Max & Katie complete the task way ahead of the moms.

Team complete this task in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony, before #2 even has arrived
 2(+0) Max & Katie
 3(+0) Mona & Beth

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

This is it! The finish line!

Make your way to the
home of the first

Go! Go! Go!

--- End quote ---

The first president was of course Washington and he lived at Mt Vernon. This is a well known fact and all cab drivers seem to know this.

 "I honestly can't even talk right now 'cause I'm so nervous that we're not going to the right place", Bates can smell the finish line
 "The rest of my hair may fall off or turn gray in the next five minutes", Bates again

Teams reach Phil and the finish line in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony, win the $1,000,000
 2(+0) Max & Katie
 3(+0) Mona & Beth

 "Bates & Anthony, 5 continents, 10 countries and more than 30,000 miles", Phil
 "We're still married and we made it around the world", Katie is fairly happy despite being #2
 "It has been life changing. We have done so many cool things and met so many fabulous people", Mona


It has been a fine season following your reports. They provide an excellent record for future Amazing Race historians! Thanks!

Great reading them and I really appreciate your efforts maf! <3

Love them, thank you maf!


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