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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 22, Episode 6, "Scorpion king hunter"
Film date: Nov 23-26 2012

The last pit stop was at the Vietnam national museum of history in Hanoi. According to the voice over teams start from here as well, but in reality they start outside the opera house (about 200m away). They depart in the following order:

1.Pam & Winnie       22:40 2.Max & Katie        23:34(+0:54) 3.Mona & Beth        23:37(+0:57) 4.Bates & Anthony    23:39(+0:59) 5.Caroline & Jennifer23:46(+1:06) 6.Joey & Meghan      00:47(+2:07) 7.Chuck & Wynona     03:26(+4:46)
The press pictures released before the episode show that teams had to go to the "Hair of the dog" bar in Hanoi to pick up their next clue. This task has been cut from the broadcast. Instead the first clue we hear is: "Make your way to the city of Maun in the Kalahari desert". Once teams touch down they must make their way to Mack air and sign up for one of three charter flights which will take them to the Makgadikgadi pans national park.

Teams must first go to a specific travel agency (Haprotravel) and buy tickets to Maun there. The catch is that there is a guard outside and they must tell him which country Maun lies in (Botswana) before he will let them in.

 "Big hair big brain Katie", Max has a nickname for his partner
 "At this point I want to keep the fact that I am smart and have a doctorate secret", There's more to Katie than meets the eyes

 "We know this is a race, but we love our friendships too. And I think Jen has a baby crush on Bates", Caroline on why they like to work with others

Teams enter the travel agency in the following order:
 1(+0) Pam & Winnie, found Botswana on the internet in a hotel
 2(+0) Max & Katie, used the same computer Pam & Winnie did
 3(+2) Caroline & Jennifer, guessed Kenya but are told Botswana by Max & Katie who are inside
 4(-1) Mona & Beth, lend a smartphone and look it up
 5(-1) Bates & Anthony, guess Kenya but are told Botswana by Caroline
 6(+0) Joey & Meghan
 7(+0) Chuck & Wynona, guesses a lot but in the end Chuck calls somebody who gives him the answer (while Wynona make guesses based on the visas they have)

At the airport Joey & Meghan go and talk to Chuck & Wynona in order to explain why they U-turned them.

 "What was the price that you stole from us?", Joey to Pam & Winnie, i.e. he knows they U-turned him
 "You guys are always like so fast, consider it a compliment that we U-turned you", Pam justifies the U-turn

All teams make the same flight which is:
 KA296 HAN->HKG Nov-24 10:55-13:33
 CX749 HKG->JNB Nov-24 23:45-06:20+1
 BP212 JNB->MUB Nov-25 11:40-13:20 (probably)

In Maun there is a mad dash across the parking lot to Mack air where teams en up on the following flights to Xhumaga:

Flight #1 at 09:00
 1. Caroline & Jennifer
 2. Bates & Anthony

Flight #2 at 09:15
 3. Max & Katie
 4. Joey & Meghan

Flight #3 at 09:30
 5. Mona & Beth
 6. Chuck & Wynona
 7. Pam & Winnie

The flights leave the next morning.

 "The flight was actually really scary", Joey did not like the small airplane
 "This is where the Lion king was made, right here", Chuck, and we can't tell if he is serious
 "Now you guys know that was a cartoon, right?", Pam injects some sanity
 "And there is turbulence", Pam at takeoff, while Winnie looks rather uncomfortable

At the Xhumaga airstrip teams find the next clue in a bowl outside the lounge (a shed with some primitive chairs and tables). They grab them in the following order:
 1(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 2(+0) Bates & Anthony
 3(+1) Joey & Meghan
 4(-1) Max & Katie
 5(+0) Mona & Beth
 6(+0) Chuck & Wynona
 7(+0) Pam & Winnie

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Drive down
Old Xhumaga Road,
following the marked
route, and search for
your next clue.

You'll find your self-drive
vehicles in the airport
parking lot.

--- End quote ---

Teams drive down the road and after a while they spot a bunch of bushmen. Next to them are glass jars with clues inside.

 "Uh oh, I think we've got too much clothes on", The hockey brothers see the bushmen who are clothed in only a loincloth

Teams reach this clue in the following order:
 1(+1) Bates & Anthony
 2(-1) Caroline & Jennifer
 3(+0) Joey & Meghan
 4(+0) Max & Katie
 5(+0) Mona & Beth
 6(+0) Chuck & Wynona
 7(+0) Pam & Winnie

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who wants to make a
new friend?

--- End quote ---

Teams must now go scorpion hunting with the local bushmen. They will first be led to a scorpion hole where they will be taught how to dig out this poisonous creature. The digging happens with a stick and with your bare hands. After the contestants have touched the scorpion the bushmen will place it in the jar and lead the team to their next clue.

As Caroline is on the way to the scorpion hunting grounds one of her
guides spot something:
 "There's a lion over there", The bushman
 "Wow, you can climb", Caroline, surprised, when one of her bushmen suddenly levitates up a tree

 "I'm petrified of scorpions", Joey is very nervous
 "I'm from Texas so I'm used to scorpions", Caroline, is more relaxed

 "I have to touch it, I have to freaking touch it *sobs*", Joey calms himself on the way to the hunting grounds, or whatever

When the bushmen handle the scorpion they always start by grabbing its tail. But once that is done they are pretty casual. A number of them put the scorpion in their mouth, this apparently calms it down and makes it easier for the teams to handle it.

 "I don't mind being pinched", Bates was pinched by the scorpion's claws
 "By the country singers", Anthony fills in

Max is the only one who had the presence of mind to bring a glove.

 "With my hands? I'm only 21 year old, I don't wanna die", Joey is not comfortable digging for the scorpion
 "I hate bugs", Pam
 "I have never seen a scorpion live before. This is actually kind of cool. And I was petrified of scorpions like 10 minutes ago", Mona has a rather different reaction to the scorpion
 "My mouth was wide open, and then I thought I'd better close this mouth before the dude tries to stick it into my mouth too", Max's reaction to the bushman putting the scorpion in his mouth

 "I have to touch that thing?", Joey is still petrified
 "I'm a scorpion king hunter", Afterwards in the car, Joey is a bit braver (and gets the title)

 "I'm totally freaked out. It kind of looks like an alien", Pam is also very uncomfortable
 "Holy cow, that was probably one of the scariest thing's I've ever done", Pam got it done though

The task seems to take a little over 15 minutes to complete for the faster teams. Teams complete this roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)Bates* & Anthony    (3-4)2(+0)Caroline* & Jennifer(4-3)3(+2)Mona* & Beth        (3-3)4(+0)Max* & Katie        (4-3)5(-2)Joey* & Meghan      (4-3)6(+1)Pam* & Winnie       (4-3)7(-1)Chuck & Wynona*     (5-2)         

Route info: "Take your three bushmen for a ride. Continue down old Xhumaga road and search for your next clue."

Since there is only one road nobody manages to get lost and people arrive at the next clue box in the order they left the road block.

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: 'Fire' or 'Fowl'

Fire: Light a pipe! Kindle a fire
so you can light the Bushmen
Elder's pipe. When the Elder
has taken a puff, he will hand
you your next clue.

Fowl: Catch dinner! Construct
and set a snare to catch a
Guinea Fowl. Once the snare
is set, test the trap in
traditional Bushman fashion.
If it works correctly you'll
receive your next clue.

Note: On your way to your
Detour choice, your Bushmen
will teach you a series of
animal calls and signals that
you must imitate.

--- End quote ---

The hard part of "Fire" is making the fire. Teams must start from scratch with wood, straw and zebra dung and then start a fire by rubbing the sticks together. This is very hard.

 "My god they stink", Katie doesn't like the local smells

 "When the bushmen built the fire it took them like 30 seconds. But it was really really tough", Mona find fire-making harder than it looks

 "We knew that making fire from scratch is really hard. Because we watch a lot of TV, we're very well prepared", Winnie
 "This is like Sesame street on crack", Pam imitate the bushmen

The fire making is so hard that Bates & Anthony is the only team which succeeds. After a while the other teams working on their fires start thinking about switching detours. And when Caroline & Jennifer go from though to action and do switch the other quickly follows suit. All except Max & Katie who hang on a while longer before finally giving up and switching to fowl.

Building the snare is a lot easier. The only ones really stumbling were Max & Katie who had to rebuild their snare once.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony, fire
 2(+4) Pam & Winnie, fowl
 3(+4) Chuck & Wynona, fowl
 4(+1) Joey & Meghan, started fire but switched to fowl
 5(-3) Caroline & Jennifer, started fire but switched to fowl
 6(-3) Mona & Beth, started fire but switched to fowl
 7(-3) Max & Katie, started fire but switched to fowl

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way on foot
with your Bushmen to
the next Pit Stop.

The Meno a Kwena
Safari Camp.

Warning: The last team
to check in may be

Note: Two of your
Bushmen will lead you
back to the main path.
Then, follow the marked
path to the Pit Stop.

--- End quote ---

Mona & Beth know they are second to last, but for some reason they got in their head that they should drive to the pit stop. They make their way back to where the cars are parked. Here they see that all the other cars are still present so they realize that they have to make their way on foot, and they start running down the path. The editing tries to make this look like a footrace with Max & Katie, but it feels like the moms have a pretty solid lead.

 "Come on Beth. You've got three kids, you can run", Mona (but I'm not clear on the connection between having kids and running ability)

Teams reach the pit stop in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony, win a trip to Phuket, Thailand
 2(+0) Pam & Winnie
 3(+0) Chuck & Wynona
 4(+0) Joey & Meghan
 5(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 6(+0) Mona & Beth
 7(+0) Max & Katie, are saved by a non-elimination

 "I think we're getting stronger", Anthony feel they know how the race works now
 "At least our body odor is", Bates

 "Today we made a stupid mistake. Tomorrow somebody else makes a stupid mistake. We just can't let it be us again", Max

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 22, Episode 7, "Be safe and don't hit a cow"
Film date: probably Nov 27  2012

The last pit stop was at Meno a Kwena safari camp. Teams spent the night here and are released from the same place the next morning in the following order:

1.Bates & Anthony    05:392.Pam & Winnie       06:11(+0:32)3.Chuck & Wynona     06:17(+0:38)4.Joey & Meghan      06:23(+0:44)5.Caroline & Jennifer06:28(+0:49)6.Mona & Beth        06:37(+0:58)7.Max & Katie        06:49(+1:10)
Teams must now drive themselves to Mokoro Poling station (in Boro village), where they will find their next clue. But before they can do that they must get to the cars. It is unclear if they are going to where they left them in the last episode or if teams have moved the cars during the pit stop. They are at least parked in the terrain quite a bit away from the starting line and some of the teams struggle to find them cars.

The drive to the next clue box is more than 140km long and takes well over three hours (according to Google). Part of the road requires 4-wheel drive. There are instructions taped to the steering wheels of the cars which tells teams when and how to switch between 4 and 2-wheel drive.

 "I wasn't counting sheep, I was counting lions", Bates about the night in the safari camp
 "Our faith is the most important part of who we are", Jennifer is very religious
 "We've been underperforming so much", Max is not happy with their race so far

 "The road is bad. You might get lost. You need to go with somebody else", A local gives Bates & Anthony directions and advice
 "It's tough with nobody in front of us to follow", Anthony does not feel confident in their navigational skills

 "Alright honey, pedal to the metal but be safe and don't hit a cow", Wynona gets the title as she gives driving instructions to Chuck

 "Instead of running around like an idiot, think about where you parked it", Katie to Max when they can't find their car (but she doesn't know either)

 "What screw us up the most is directions", Joey
Joey & Meghan have a hard time finding the way to the poling station. According to Joeys recap they were lost for about 3 hours. They are very happy when they eventually catch up with Max & Katie and can follow them.
 "If you're not god at map reading then this isn't the leg for you", Joey
 "I hate driving to places", Meghan feels the same

That does not mean that other teams doesn't have their problems as well. Caroline & Jennifer are caught in a speed trap (going 96km/h on a 60km/h road). They try to sweet-talk their way out of it, but to no avail.
 "Go and explain that to my boss", the policeman with the radar gun does not want to listen to their arguments
The boss at the speed trap is very nice, but firm. Teams do get fined and have to go to the police station in Maun and pay the fine of 820 pula (about $100).
 "Thank you very much, have a nice day", The smiling happy police officer says goodbye
 "Yeah, thanks a lot", But Caroline & Jennifer are not receptive to his charms
At the police station they find that American dollars are not accepted, so they have to go and change money. For some unexplained reason the police won't let Caroline leave the station so Jennifer has to ask a random passerby if he can go and exchange money for them.
 "This is a big mistake", Jennifer has second thoughts the moment then man drives away with her money
 "I gave him $100 and I'm hoping he's gonna come back. I'm not quite sure", Jennifer has her doubts
But her trust is well placed and after a while he comes back with the money. So after paying their fine and hugging their savior they are on their way again.

 "What's the speed limit? Slow down, 60", Katie (from the back seat)
Unfortunately her warning is not enough so Max get caught in the same speed trap as the girls (going 76km/h).
 "Can we just call this our speed bump and be done with it?", Max
They also have to go to the police station, but seem to have changed money in advance.
 "That was like mayhem in there. It was not a good place to be", Max as he backs out from the Police station, straight into a pole
Fortunately for Max & Katie the car is only dented by the collision with the pole. They can continue on their way.
 "I'm not getting out to look at that", Max just wants this leg to be over

A bit later Max & Katie are relieved when Joey & Meghan turn up behind them.
 "If I get beat by them, then I should be heading home anyway", Max does not have high opinions about team YouTube

Teams reach the clue box in Boro Village in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony
 2(+0) Pam & Winnie
 3(+0) Chuck & Wynona
 4(+2) Mona & Beth, around 09:15
 5(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 6(+1) Max & Katie
 7(-3) Joey & Meghan

Here teams find a road block and a fast forward.

--- Quote ---FAST FORWARD

Have some fun on the
waters of the Okavango

Make your way to the
riverbank to get started.

Note: Return to your
vehicle and take all of
your belongings...

--- End quote ---

Bates & Anthony decide to go for the fast forward and follow the signs
to the riverbank. Here they find another sign:

--- Quote ---FAST FORWARD

Both of you must
stay up on waterskis
together for over
a mile to win the
fast forward award!

--- End quote ---

And there is also a sign by the water which warns for crocodiles.
 "I don't know if I can get up", Bates do not know if he can do this
They debate a bit but Anthony decide that his brother can do it and they agree to go for it.
 "Whats the crocodile situation", Bates asks the boat crew
 "Nothing. We checked last night. You're fine.", A crew member
 "Getting up was rough. But once I got up I stayed in one position and didn't move a muscle", Bates
 "I can't believe I did it on the first shot", Bates
 "There's a big crocodile right around that bend", The boat driver point out the local wildlife (right after Bates & Anthony have been picked up)

The hockey players succeed with the water skiing task so they win the fast forward and are transported via taxi boat and safari vehicle directly to the pit stop at the Royal Tree Lodge.

 "First time on the whole race we're stress free right now", Bates on his way to the pit stop

Max & Katie also find their speed bump here. They must finish a skirt and then take part in a ceremonial seduction dance. The dance mainly consists of wild booty shaking.
 "That was so fun", Katie seemed to enjoy herself

The other teams can go directly to the road block.

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who wants to go up a
creek without a paddle?

--- End quote ---

In this road block teams must transport two baby goats up the creek in a Mokoro. This is a dug out canoe which a lucky contestant must pole up the creek to a nearby goat pen. Once the goats have been delivered they must poole back to where they picked up to canoe. The other team member must also travel in to canoe and can hold the goats.

Pooling the dugout turns out to be quite hard. It does not move in the direction players want and since there are crocodiles in the water they are being very careful.
 "The goat is peeing all over my leg", Pam get to hold the goats

 "I have to go get two goats. I'm nervous as hell", Wynona is not comfortable
 "I put it in the boat, I figured it would just go on up there like a dog", Wynona was not expecting one of her goats to escape
 "Chuck, this is easy for you, it's not easy for me", Wynona quickly tires of the stream of instructions coming from her husband
 "I think I'll move to Venice and become a Gondolier", Winnie see the similarities
 "I feel like I'm living out my childhood on the Amazing Race", Caroline had an active youth
 "Jennifer & Caroline passed us as we were dropping off the goats, and we're not happy about it", Mona realize they suck at the dugout

 "Why is this so difficult", Joey
Joey is having a hard time on the boat so by the time they finish Max & Katie are just a few minutes behind them. It is a tense race as both teams know they are the last two teams.

According to exit interviews the task took about 20 minutes to complete. Teams complete this roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)Pam & Winnie*       (4-4)2(+0)Chuck & Wynona*     (5-3)3(+1)Caroline* & Jennifer(5-3)4(-1)Mona & Beth*        (4-4)5(+1)Joey* & Meghan      (5-3)6(-1)Max* & Katie        (5-3)         

Teams must now travel by Water Taxi down the river. They will then transfer to a safari vehicle which will take them to the Royal Tree Lodge Game Preserve where they'll find their next clue.

There is nothing teams can do to speed up or slow down the transportation to the game preserve so they all arrive in the same order they left Moro Village. At the game preserve they find their next clue in a pouch hanging from a tree.

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: 'Brains' or 'Brawn'

Brains: Go on a horseback
safari and search for ten
different species of
"wildlife". Then, at the end
of your safari choose ten
tiles with representations of
the animals you saw and
place them in the order in
which they appear on the

--- End quote ---

In brains teams are not allowed to write anything down. The track they have to ride is fairly long and takes about one hour to complete. The really tricky part of the task is the last animal cutout which shows a bird sitting on a hippo. The tiles at the end do not include a hippo, only the bird. The tiles do include a rhino, but that is a different animal which was not seen on the track.

 "Honey, you look handsome in your hat up there", Wynona gives positive feedback
 "I don't sing like the country girls, but I'm singing", Wynona makes a song out of the animals they see

In brawn teams must stack firewood on a traditional sand sled. Then, using a carrot dangling from a stick, convince a team of four donkeys to haul it half a mile to a safari camp, where they must unload the sled. This task involves hard work (loading and unloading the sled) as well as the ability to get the donkeys to both start and stop.

The actual donkey pulling is surprisingly exciting to watch. First we have Mona & Beth leaving just after Caroline & Jennifer. Both teams do their best to get their donkeys to move quickly and when the country singers sled get caught in a tree they are overtaken by the derby moms.

 "I'm telling you, it's these two fricking asses in the front", Pam & Winnie have donkeys who won't budge.
After failing to get their donkeys to even move Pam & Winnie decide to switch detours. The ride is much more relaxing, but they miss one animal cutout. So they have to go back and do the course again.
 "We definitely did this much faster the second time around", Pam & Winnie
This time they do it much faster (probably around 40 minutes), but they still missed the ostrich. When they are rejected the second time they decide to go back to their donkeys.

Meanwhile Joey & Meghan and Max & Katie are frantically loading wood. Initially Max & Katie have the lead as the YouTube host's donkeys refuse to move. But when the latter finally get their donkeys to move they get them to move very quickly indeed. But just as they are about to pass Max & Katie their sled get caught in a tree.

When they reach the safari camp Joey & Meghan are right behind Max & Katie.
 "If Meghan & Joey beat us in this brawn task, we should go home like that's embarrassing", Katie think they should beat Meghan & Joey

Max & Katie may find it embarrassing, but there are in fact beaten by Joey & Meghan. Probably because the latter manage to stop their sled a little bit closer to where they need to unload their firewood.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+3) Mona & Beth, brawn
 2(+1) Caroline & Jennifer, brawn
 3(-1) Chuck & Wynona, brains
 4(+1) Joey & Meghan, brawn
 5(+1) Max & Katie,brawn less than a minute after #4
 6(-5) Pam & Winnie, started Brawn, switched to Brains, failed twice and returned to Brawn

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way on foot to
the next Pit Stop:

Where the river bends!

Warning! The last team
to check in may be

--- End quote ---

The pit stop is very close to the end of the detours, and is easy to find. Joey & Meghan & Max & Katie are all convinced they are racing for last so Max & Katie do not look happy when they arrive at the mat just after Joey & Meghan. Phil plays a little with them before he tell them they are teams #5 & #6.

Teams reach Phil in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony, win $7500 each
 2(+0) Mona & Beth
 3(+0) Caroline & Jennifer, a minute or so behind #2
 4(+0) Chuck & Wynona
 5(+0) Joey & Meghan
 6(+0) Max & Katie
 7(+0) Pam & Winnie, are eliminated

 "We might be eliminated but you can't feel bad after doing this much cool stuff and going to this many cool places", Winnie

Note: fixed pit stop order

Joey & Meghan were 5th not Max & Katie at the pit stop ;)


--- Quote from: Laimis on April 12, 2013, 10:49:15 AM ---Joey & Meghan were 5th not Max & Katie at the pit stop ;)

--- End quote ---

OOPS, I have fixed the report.

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 22, Episode 8, "My cheese is out of control"
Film date: Nov 28-30  2012

The last pit stop was by the river at the Royal Tree Lodge near Maun, Botswana. The episode claim teams are released from here, but the area looks more to be inside the city.

We are only shown Bates & Anthony starting at 05:55. The first clue tells them to fly to Zurich, Switzerland. Once in Zurich they must find a conductor (in the railway station at the airport) who will give them their next clue. Teams also seem to be told to go to a specific travel agency "TimeTravel".

All teams make the same flight. This is probably:
 4Z8301 MUB-JNB Nov-28 14.00-15.40
 BA56   JNB-LHR Nov-28 20:20-05:07+1
 BA714  LHR-ZRH Nov-29 12:01-14:49 (was 0:49 late)

 "We're having fun, I think, finally", Wynona has started getting the hang of the race

In Zurich there is a mad dash to the conductor. Teams reach her in the following order:
 1. Caroline & Jennifer
 2. Bates & Anthony
 3. Joey & Meghan
 4. Mona & Beth
 5. Max & Katie
 6. Chuck & Wynona

Route info: "Travel by train to the town of Grindelwald". In Grindelwald teams must wait by the church for an alpine shepherd, who will deliver their next clue. All teams get ticket on the same trains. They leave Zurich at 15:40 and change trains in Bern and Interlaken for an arrival in Grindelwald at 18:39.

Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth miss the connection in Bern, much to the enjoyment of the other teams.

 "At least it's their ulcers not ours", Max is happy he didn't miss the train

It is snowing when teams arrive in Grindelwald. At the Church they find a small sign "The Shepherd will come by at 8:55am to give you your next clue". The next morning all teams are gathered by the church waiting for the shepherd. He arrives on a small two-skied sled and start handing out clues. Teams grab them in the following order:
 1. Chuck & Wynona
 2. Max & Katie
 3. Bates & Anthony
 4. Joey & Meghan
 5. Mona & Beth
 6. Caroline & Jennifer

Route info: "Travel by train to Kleine Scheidegg at the base of the Eiger in the Swiss alps. Pick up a Swiss rescue companion outside the historic Bellevue hotel".

Everybody runs down to the Grindelwald railway station 5 minutes away. Here they find that the next train for Kleine Scheidegg leaves at 09:47. So all teams make it.
 "It's alright, my feet are warm now", Beth is at least warm after the run to the station
 "Chuck's mad because I'm always 12 seconds behind everybody else, I'm last and I can't help it", Wynona is not happy
 "I'm just a disappointment to him, and I hate it", Wynona does not feel appreciated

The train ride up to Kleine Scheidegg is very scenic.
 "It's breathtaking", Beth is mesmerized by the mountains

Kliene Scheidegg is not a big place and the hotel kind of dominates it so it easy to locate the next route marker. The Swiss rescue companion turns out to be a St. Bernhardt dog, complete with a small keg hanging from its neck. Teams get their next clue from the handler of each dog in the following order:
 1. Joey & Meghan
 2. Max & Katie
 3. Mona & Beth
 4. Bates & Anthony
 5. Chuck & Wynona
 6. Caroline & Jennifer

Route info: "Travel by train to the Jungfraujoch and deliver your St. Bernhardt to the mountain rescue team". Teams must now continue up to the highest railway station of Europe (at 3454m). Here they must deliver their rescue dog to a mountain rescue guide outside the station. They must then make their way to the Sphinx observatory at the top of the mountain and search for their next clue.

This means another train ride and another equalization. The only extra factor here is that teams must handle a pretty big dog. The only ones having a problem with this is Caroline & Jennifer, whose dog refuses to board the train. Eventually Anthony comes to the rescue and help convince the dog to cooperate.
 "Come on, good boy or girl whatever you are", Caroline & Jennifer fail to motivate their dog to board the train

More than one team immediately get attached to the dogs and remember their loved canine friends at home.
 "He is treating the dog better than me", Wynona is depressed
 "The dog's gonna run faster", Chuck, hopefully he is joking
 "You'd better enjoy sleeping with the dog tonight", Wynona bites back

At Jungfraujoch teams hustle, as well as their abilities and the dogs will allow, through corridors blasted out of the bedrock. Eventually they get to a door and when it opens they see a wonderful landscape of ice, mountains and snow. There are some mountain guides out in the snow.
 "Pure whiteness and I saw heaven", Joey gets poetic

After delivering the dogs teams take the elevator up to the observatory. The next clue is handed out by a pair of locals on the observation deck. Teams find them in the following order:
 1. Mona & Beth
 2. Bates & Anthony
 3. Max & Katie
 4. Joey & Meghan
 5. Caroline & Jennifer
 6. Chuck & Wynona

Road block: "Who wants to enjoy the sights?". In this road block teams must travel by train down to the Eigerwand station (at 2865m). Here there are observation windows cut into the sheer rock wall of the Eiger. Contestants must exit one window and traverse the mountain to the next. Along the way they must pick up a Travelocity gnome who is hanging from the rock wall. The rock wall they must traverse is almost vertical but there are planks laid out past the worst passages so the actual traversing is not that difficult. The tricky factor is that the valley floor is thousands of feet below, so they must keep their nerves under control.

There are two traverse tracks set up so two teams at a time can do the task. The rest must wait in line for their turn by one of the starting windows.

 "It's kinda high", Bates, can't avoid noticing the height
 "Not looking down yet, and not planning on it", Bates has a strategy
 "No last words, but this is fricking cool", Katie steps out of the window
 "Holy cow, this is absolutely frightening", Max looks out the window and is happy his wife is the one doing this
 "In case things go wrong, I won't remarry for the first month", Chuck show some consideration

 "It's kind of scary, but it's really easy. You can do it", Katie describes the task to Wynona
 "I'm not particularly afraid of heights, but I didn't look down because I just wasn't sure what I would see", Beth

Wynona is the only one having trouble. She is having a hard time moving the safety hooks past some of the anchors, probably because she is shorter than the other contestants.

Joey & Meghan got stuck behind Chuck & Wynona. They could probably have finished faster if they had gone for the other climbing station. But it is doubtful that they could have made the first train.

Teams complete this roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1.Bates* & Anthony    (4-4)2.Max & Katie*        (5-4)3.Mona & Beth*        (4-5)4.Caroline & Jennifer*(5-4)5.Chuck & Wynona*     (5-4)6.Joey & Meghan*      (5-4)
The next clue is on the bottom of the gnome.

--- Quote ---travelocity

Travel by train to the Grindelwald Grund station.
Once there, cross the Lütschine Brüggli bridge and
follow the sound of the Swiss Alphorn to your next clue.

--- End quote ---

Another train means yet another bunching point. But this time not all teams make the same train.

The first train around carries:
 Bates & Anthony
 Max & Katie
 Mona & Beth
 Caroline & Jennifer

The second train carries:
 Chuck & Wynona
 Joey & Meghan

While they are waiting on the next train Chuck lets us know he is disappointed that Wynona took so long on the task. Wynona would rather hear some positive feedback than constant disapproval.
 "Good job. I'm glad you made it, the kids need a mother", When explicitly prompted Chuck gives positive feedback (but his heart is not in it)

Back in Grindelwald teams have no problem finding the alphorn player who gives them their next clue in the following order:
 1. Bates & Anthony
 2. Mona & Beth
 3. Max & Katie
 4. Caroline & Jennifer
 5. Joey & Meghan
 6. Chuck & Wynona

Route info: "Follow the marked path and join the local workforce". Teams will now encounter a switchback. They must each use a traditional sled and transport two 50lb wheels of cheese down a steep slope. At the bottom they must lift the cheese into a barn.

 "As soon as I read the clue about 200lb of cheese and sleds I go: Oh no, I remember this one, and it was hard", Katie has looked at earlier seasons

The first difficulty in this task is getting up the hill. Since this is winter the hill is covered in deep snow, and most contestants don't have shoes which are good for snow. Production has strung a rope along the steepest part, but it is still very hard.
 "This hill isn't a hill, it's like a mountain", Bates & Anthony
 "The cold wasn't the problem. The problem was getting up that hill wearing racing slicks", Max

Since there is only one rope lots of teams get stuck behind Max & Katie who are having problems. The only ones who managed to get up before them were Bates & Anthony.

 "Going up the hill, I was literally crawling on my knees", Wynona
 "I can't do both these sleds and your ass", Chuck can't help her as well

Eventually Chuck has to help Wynona up anyway. He is on all fours, holding their sleds in his hands and pushing Wynona's rear quarters with the top of his head.

The best technique for getting the cheese down seemed to be to load it on the led and then let the sled push yourself down. It is hilarious to see them teams try to get down the hill with any semblance of dignity.
 "My cheese fell off every five steps", Jennifer
 "I'd say Jen was my damsel today", Caroline had to help Jennifer a lot
 "My cheese is out of control", Jennifer gets the title as her cheese falls off the sled for the umpteenth time

The only team doing it differently is Chuck & Wynona who start out the normal way but then change to rolling their cheese.
 "I though it was a little bit easier to roll the cheese", Wynona

Once at the bottom teams get winded when they have to lift their cheese into the barn. Teams complete this task in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony
 2(+1) Max & Katie
 3(-1) Mona & Beth, a minute or so after #2
 4(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 5(+0) Joey & Meghan
 6(+0) Chuck & Wynona

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to the
next Pit Stop:

The Bodmi Snowboard
and Ski School.

Warning! The last team
to check in may be

--- End quote ---

 "Let's go for a puke", Max is totally spent after lifting the cheese into the barn
 "It's really hard, and I'm not even lying", Katie meet team YouTube as she sprints in search for taxis

The best way to get to the pit stop seems to be to run into town and take a taxi from there.
 "Perfect time for a cow crossing. Are you serious?", Max when their taxi encounters a bovine road block

Joey & Meghan did not find a taxi. Instead they ran and walked the whole way. The distance was approximately 3 miles.
 "We ran and walked this whole way. We should've taken a taxi", Meghan is tired as they near the pit stop

Teams reach Phil and the pit stop in the following order:
 1(+0) Bates & Anthony, win a trip to Bora Bora
 2(+0) Mona & Beth
 3(+0) Max & Katie
 4(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 -     Chuck & Wynona, receive a 30 minute penalty
 5(+0) Joey & Meghan
 6(+0) Chuck & Wynona, are eliminated

 "We're in last because of me. Because I wasn't quick enough", Meghan is in tears as they arrive last to the pit stop
 "It's not your fault", Joey is not upset at her
 "It's definitely a sad moment coming in last, but I've had a blast", Joey,hasn't learned about Chuck & Wynona's penalty yet

Chuck & Wynona are given a 30 minute penalty since they did not use the approved method, the sled, of transporting the cheese. Instead they rolled theirs. This penalty allows Joey & Meghan to reach the pit stop. So Chuck & Wynona go from being miraculously saved to coming bitterly last.

 "Tough way to go out", Phil to Chuck & Wynona
 "As far as the race goes, it didn't tear us apart, I mean we've got a lot of life and a lot of history behind us", Chuck


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