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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 22, Episode 5, "Your tan is totally cool"
Film date: Nov 21-22 2012

Teams start from what looks to be the Put Stop hotel in Bali in the following order:

1.Dave & Connor      05:012.Pam & Winnie       05:21(+0:20)3.Max & Katie        05:25(+0:24)4.Caroline & Jennifer07:20(+2:19)5.Joey & Meghan      09:06(+4:05)6.Mona & Beth        09:12(+4:11)7.Bates & Anthony    09:14(+4:13)8.Chuck & Wynona     09:23(+4:22)
Route info: Fly to Hanoi, Vietnam. Once teams land they must make their way to the Rap Cong Nhang Theater and Gallery 42, where they will find their next clue. Team also learn that there is a U-turn ahead.

We now learn that Dave has been in contact with doctors at home and they recommend surgery within a week. And even though they hate to do it they feel they must quit the race.

 "We will fly to Hanoi and be eliminated", Dave

At the travel agency Dave & Connor let the other teams there, Pam & Winnie and Max & Katie know that they are quitting the race.

 "No gamesmanship bs, right?", Max wants to be sure, but is fully of sympathy when they assure him it is true
 "With Dave & Connor gone. As much as we like them, our chances at staying in the front of the pack increased exponentially", Pam

There is a lot of talk about the upcoming U-turn. Most teams plan to U-turn Jessica & John alternatively Meghan & Joey or Mona & Beth.

 "We do kind of have a target on our back you know, doing so well at the different detours and road block", Anthony fears the U-turn

Teams take two different routes to Hanoi.

The first teams fly via Singapore, probably on
 SQ941 DPS-SIN Nov-21 09:08-11:38
 VN660 SIN-HAN Nov-21 16:38-18:15
This flight carries:
 Pam & Winnie
 Max & Katie
 Dave & Connor

The other teams fly via Kuala Lumpur, probably on
 MH714 DPS-KUL Nov-21 13:02-15:48
 VN680 KIL-HAN Nov-21 19:15-21:30
This flight carries:
 Chuck & Wynona
 Bates & Anthony
 Mona & Beth
 Joey & Meghan
 Caroline & Jennifer

In Hanoi teams rush to the gallery. The first teams arrive at 19:34, only to find that it closed at 18:00. It will reopen at 09:00 the next morning. Production has thoughtfully provided space in a bar at Hotel Des Artistes where teams can spend the night.

 "We weren't going into the race with the intention of making new friends. But Max & Katie, they're actually really cool. And I feel bad now having said the things I said about them prior to knowing them", Pam & Winnie connect with Max & Katie

It is worth nothing that Dave & Connor were probably given real hotel
rooms because they are nowhere to be seen.

 "They where with us at the Singapore airport and they went to see a doctor, but they'll probably be here in the morning", Pam avoids mentioning that she knows Dave & Connor will quit

As teams from the second flight arrive at the hotel there is much catching up with what has happened. The first teams are shocked to learn that Jessica & John got eliminated, even though they still had an express pass. Meghan feel very constrained in the ensuing discussion because she feels that she can't defend John without putting an even bigger target on her back, and there is an U-turn coming up.

 "I can't get over the fact that somebody got eliminated holding on to an express pass (chuckles)", Max is vocal in his opinions

The next morning starts with pictures from the Pit Stop at the Vietnam national museum of history. Where Dave & Connor meet Phil. It gets very emotional and tears are flowing, but they have to quite the race since Dave need immediate surgery.

 "You should hold your head up and be very proud of how you ran this race", Phil to Dave & Connor

 "I really am sorry son", Dave apologizes to his son
 "I'm not", but Connor doesn't see he has anything to apologize for

Meanwhile the other teams are quickly learning how chaotic traffic in Vietnam is as they make their way to the gallery.

 "There's like 80 billion mopeds on the streets right now", Pam

Teams arrive early to the theater but have to wait until it opens at 9. The first five teams all agree who to U-turn:

 "Roller moms and Joey & Meghan is the last of the little John & Jessica minions group", Winnie explains who to U-turn

When at last Joey & Meghan and Mona & Beth turn up the mood gets tense. They feel that they are a U-turn target.

When the gallery opens at 9 teams rush in to grab their next clue which lies under a painting. Teams grab the clue in the following order (within seconds of each other):

 1. Caroline & Jennifer
 2. Joey & Meghan
 3. Pam & Winnie
 4. Bates & Anthony
 5. Mona & Beth
 6. Max & Katie
 7. Chuck & Wynona

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who's ready to take in
the sights and sounds of
the Socialist Republic of

--- End quote ---

In this road block teams must watch a performance of a patriotic Vietnamese song. At the end dancers will reveal the words of a political slogan "Vinh quang thay thê hê thanh niên chúng ta" (Glory to our young generation). Contestants then have to find the quote on a political poster in a nearby room. The catch is that there are lots of posters and all have nearly the same quote, but only a few match exactly. If they don't find a correct poster within five minutes they have to watch the show again. Teams are also forbidden from making any notes.

 "I'm afraid to run", Wynona doesn't want to do the road block

The show is very patriotic with lines like "Vietnam Communist Party is glorious" and "Socialism is growing more beautiful with time" and lots of red flags and a portrait of uncle Ho. It is all very much over the top but feels very much Vietnam.

 "I'm an art director for commercials and films so I usually have a pretty good visual memory of things", Pam

At the second performance Beth suggest that she and Meghan help each other out by memorizing half the message each. Meghan then managed to find a correct poster, but before they could find one for Beth they had to go back to the next performance.

Teams complete this roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1.Pam* & Winnie       (3-3)After the first performance2.Chuck* & Wynona     (5-1)After the second performance3.Caroline & Jennifer*(3-3)After the second performance4.Max & Katie*        (3-3)After the second performance5.Joey & Meghan*      (3-3)After the third performance6.Mona & Beth*        (3-3)After the third performance7.Bates & Anthony*    (2-4)After the third performance         

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to Công
Viên Thống Nhất and
take part in the
Mûa Sapa, the
Vietnamese Bamboo
Dance, to receive your
next clue.

--- End quote ---

The dance is relatively simple, locals are moving sticks of bamboo back and forth according to a rhythm. You only need to have some rhythm to jump straight through the whole course. One catch is that you must hold your partners hand.

 "Don't hold hands", Chuck has missed an important part of the dance

Teams complete the dance in the following order:
 1(+0) Pam & Winnie
 2(+2) Max & Katie, had to retry once
 3(+2) Joey & Meghan
 4(+3) Bates & Anthony
 5(+1) Mona & Beth
 6(-4) Chuck & Wynona, had to retry many times
 7(-4) Caroline & Jennifer, taxi trouble

Detour: Make your move or make a meal.

In make your move teams must travel to the temple of literature and help set up a giant chess game. They must look at a small chess board, select a color and then place four staffs on the corresponding locations on the life sized chessboard. They must then find the correct (color and character) four human chess pieces and place them by the right staffs. Once you figure out what to do this task is pretty easy.

In make your meal teams must travel to Ngoc Song temple. Here they must pick up two empty baskets and two baskets with live chickens as well as a shopping list:
 1Kg pho noodles
 500g spring onions
 500g bean sprouts
 500g chili peppers
 300g ginger
 200g basil
 10 bulbs garlic
 12 limes
 200g coriander
They must then buy the listed ingredients in the nearby market before making their way to the cooking stations. Here their ingredients will be weighed. Once they have the correct amounts they must make two bowls of Phô.

One tricky part of the soup side was that the shopping list was written in English. So teams had to find somebody who could translate to do the shopping.

 "We're not always as crazy American", Winnie while she leads her chess pieces to the board

 "We gotta get those things", Wynona wants them to take chickens as well
 "We don't need the chickens", but Chuck overrules her

 "We have no idea what we are doing", Caroline struggles a lot at the chess task

 "It was made with love, I hope you like it", Max presents their Phô to the judge

 "We need 12 limes, and a husband who listens", Wynona is irritated that Chuck doesn't listen to her

 "These are different people but they're asking for the same thing", (in Vietnamese) shop owner when Joey & Meghan comes to buy ingredients
 "It's funny the way he's carrying these chickens", (in Vietnamese) her assistant comments on Joey

Joey & Meghan visit the same shop as some other team and the owner gives them what they need. At least that is what he thinks, but most of the stuff turns out to be the wrong things or the wrong amounts.

 "Oh, why have they got chickens?", Chuck see Joey & Meghan carrying chickens

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+0) Pam & Winnie, chess
 2(+2) Bates & Anthony, chess
 3(+0) Joey & Meghan, chess
 4(-2) Max & Katie, meal
 5(+0) Mona & Beth, chess
 6(+1) Caroline & Jennifer, chess
 7(-3) Joey & Meghan, chess
 8(-1) Chuck & Wynona, meal
 9(+0) Chuck & Wynona, chess

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to Ḥ
B52 to find your next

--- End quote ---

This is a B52 memorial. Part of a shot-down B52 lines in a small pond in the middle of the city. Here teams encounter a blind double U-turn.

They reach it in the following order:
 1(+0) Pam & Winnie, U-turns Joey & Meghan
 2(+1) Joey & Meghan, U-turns Chuck & Wynona
 3(-1) Bates & Anthony
 4(+0) Max & Katie
 5(+0) Mona & Beth, about a minute after #4
 6(+0) Caroline & Jennifer
 7(+0) Chuck & Wynona

Meghan is angry they were U-turned and think the other teams made a mistake when they U-turned them rather than the hockey-players, who she consider to be a stronger team. They decide to U-turn Chuck & Wynona to make sure they can stay in the race.

 "Joey & Meghan U-turned us?", Wynona when she see the U-turn board

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to the
next Pit Stop: The
grounds of The Vietnam
National Museum of

Warning! The last team
to check in may be

--- End quote ---

Phil is waiting at the the Vietnam national museum of history. The first team to reach him is Dave & Connor who apparently arrive before the gallery has even opened in the morning. But this doesn't really count since they are quitting. The remaining teams reach Phil in the following order:
 1(+0) Pam & Winnie, win a trip to Whistler in Canada
 2(+2) Max & Katie
 3(+2) Mona & Beth
 4(-1) Bates & Anthony, were surprised by the high placement which means they probably had taxi trouble
 5(+1) Caroline & Jennifer
 6(+0) Joey & Meghan
 7(+0) Chuck & Wynona, are not eliminated since Dave & Connor have quit

 "Never wanna feel confident because that's when you let your guard down, you can ask John", Winnie

 "We're gonna start fresh on the next leg. I promise I'm gonna listen to her, let her voice her opinion", Chuck

Great recap, but John and Jessica were not on the Kuala Lumpur flight, they were eliminated.


--- Quote from: ianthebalance on March 24, 2013, 02:58:12 PM ---Great recap, but John and Jessica were not on the Kuala Lumpur flight, they were eliminated.

--- End quote ---
I don't know why but this error makes me laugh :lol:


--- Quote from: ianthebalance on March 24, 2013, 02:58:12 PM ---Great recap, but John and Jessica were not on the Kuala Lumpur flight, they were eliminated.

--- End quote ---

Oops, the danger of cut-n-paste. I was a bit rushed this week, but I have fixed that issue now.

Thanks maf!! :hearts:


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