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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 22, Episode 1, "Business in the front, party in the back"
Film date: Nov 13-14 2012

This race starts at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. The teams come jogging up a path towards the observatory and are:

* Chuck & Wynona, a cross between redneck and country, married 15 years from Daphne, Alabama
* Bates & Anthony, brothers and professional hockey players from North Carolina
* Mona & Beth, roller-derby moms from Colorado
* Max & Katie, newlyweds from Buffalo, New York
* Dave & Connor, cancer survivors as well as father and son from Salt Lake City, Utah
* Jessica & John, dating from Southern California
* Idries & Jamil, twin OB/GYNs from Chicago, Illinois
* Pam & Winnie, best friends from Los Angeles, California
* Joey & Meghan, YouTube hosts from Los Angeles, California
* Matt & Daniel, best friends and firefighters from Gaffney, South Carolina
* Caroline & Jennifer, country singers from Nashville, Tennessee[/i]
At the starting line Phil tells the teams that the winners of the first leg will receive two express passes. One for themselves and one they must give to another team (before then end of the 4th leg).

The starting line is on the roof of the observatory and the first clue waits inside one of the sponsored cars in the parking lot. Teams get $20 for this leg of the race.

After a mad dash and some falls teams are in their cars. Here the dashboard video lights up and Phil appear "You are now heading to the tropical paradise of Bora Bora. Drive yourselves to Los Angeles international airport. There are two flights leaving for Bora Bora tonight. Warning, there's only room for five teams on Air Tahiti Nui, which lands one hour ahead of the second flight."

The first flight combination to Bora Bora was probably
 TN101 LAX-PPT 23:54-06:02+1
 VT402 PPT-BOB 09:00-09:50
This carries:
 Chuck & Wynona
 Pam & Winnie
 Idries & Jamil
 Dave & Connor
 Jessica & John

The second flight was probably:
 AF076 LAX-PPT 02:01-06:56
 VT452 PPT-BOB 10:00-10:50
This carries:
 Max & Katie
 Bates & Anthony
 Matt & Daniel
 Caroline & Jennifer
 Joey & Meghan
 Mona & Beth

Choice quotes:
 "We're not afraid of anything", Pam has confidence in herself
 "We're actually delivery men", Jamil has a creative way of describing what he does for a living
 "I our everyday life we don't have any friends. And I don't care", Katie
 "I think you have to play the social game in order to win the race", Max realizes they at least have to pretend to be friendly

While on their layover in Papeete Idries & Jamil propose a pact with the other teams on the first flight. The idea is that if any of them win the express passes they should automatically give the second express pass to the second team in the pact to reach the pit stop. This should eliminate any hurt feelings and other drama. All teams agree to this, and also promise to keep this pact secret.

When teams finally land on Bora Bora there is a mad dash to the next clue box which stands on the beach close to the airport. Teams reach this in the following order:
  1. Pam & Winnie
  2. Idries & Jamil
  3. Jessica & John
  4. Dave & Connor
  5. Chuck & Wynona
And about an hour later
  6. Bates & Anthony
  7. Caroline & Jennifer
  8. Mona & Beth
  9. Max & Katie
 10. Matt & Daniel
 11. Joey & Meghan

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who's ready to take a
giant leap towards a
million bucks?

--- End quote ---

Contestants must first sign up on one of 6 helicopter flights. They must then perform a tandem skydive from 10.000 feet over Bora Bora. Their partner gets to take a water-taxi to the landing zone.

Teams end up on the following flights:
Flight 1:
 1(+2) John
 2(+0) Jamil

Flight 2:
 3(+1) Connor
 4(-3) Winnie

Flight 3:
 5(+0) Chuck

Flight 4:
 6(+1) Caroline
 7(-1) Anthony

Flight 5:
 8(+2) Matt
 9(+0) Max

Flight 6:
 10(-2) Mona, arrived before Max but wrote her name on the wrong line
 11(+0) Meghan

The view from the air is stunning. We have the deep blue ocean, some cloud puffs and the emerald green islands with their pristine beaches. As for the contestants, nobody have any real problems letting go of the helicopter.

Choice quotes:
 "I have to do the height stuff and the eating stuff, so I got the crap end of the deal", Winnie
 "I love you mom", Connor, as he jumps out of the helicopter
 "Awesomest feeling I've ever had", Chuck enjoyed the jump

Teams complete this roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)Jessica & John*     (0-1) 2(+0)Idries & Jamil*     (0-1) ?    Dave & Connor*      (0-1) ?    Pam & Winnie*       (0-1) ?    Chuck* & Wynona     (1-0) ?    Bates & Anthony*    (0-1) ?    Caroline* & Jennifer(1-0) ?    Matt* & Daniel      (1-0) ?    Max* & Katie        (1-0) ?    Mona* & Beth        (1-0) ?    Joey & Meghan*      (0-1)         

As they land they are given their next clue:

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Travel by water taxi to
Eden Beach on Motu Piti
A'au. Once there, follow
the marked path along
the shore until you find
your next clue.

Note: Place your
passport, jewelry, and
the contents of your
pockets into your
personal bags. Hook
your Race bag on your
personal bag and leave it
on your water taxi

--- End quote ---

At Eden beach teams easily find their next clue in a plastic bucket on a big sandcastle. That is all teams except Chuck & Wynona who miss this and instead start searching a nearby shed. All in plain view of, and to the amusement of, the teams doing the roadblock. Eventually Chuck spots the real clues and they can join the others.

Teams arrive in the following order:
  1(+0) Jessica & John
  2(+0) Idries & Jamil
  3(+0) Dave & Connor
  4(+0) Pam & Winnie
  5(+0) Chuck & Wynona
  6(+1) Bates & Anthony
  7(-1) Caroline & Jennifer
  8(+0) Matt & Daniel
  9(+0) Max & Katie
 10(+1) Joey & Meghan
 11(-1) Mona & Beth

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who wants to play in the

If you did the previous
Road Block, your
partner MUST do this

--- End quote ---

The extra information reads:

--- Quote ---Search beneath
hundreds of sand castles
for your next clue.

Note: You MUST rebuild
and replace any sand
castle you have
destroyed before moving
on to another.

--- End quote ---

There are 400 sand castles to search. The catch is that it is very hot in the scorching sun, and the rebuilding is time-consuming. Another catch is that the clue is actually buried beneath the sand castle so they have to dig a bit down as well, not all teams notice this when they read their clue.

This task is grueling. It is really hot and for some contestants it takes up to 5 minutes to search and rebuild one sand castle.

I am not sure if the local guy who walks around playing an ukulele helps or just adds to the gruesomeness of the task. The dog peeing on one of the sand castles does not help though.

Choice quotes:
 "It was like opening a Christmas present which was empty, and then having to wrap it back up again", Jessica
 "I need wetter sand. Rebuilding these sons of a bitches is hard", Pam
 "It's hotter than Hades out here", Jamil
 "Where are my kids when I need them?", Wynona
 "I haven't lost my touch to", Bates makes his first sand castle

 "How many times have we watched the show and you said you wanted to go to that nice beautiful beach", Chuck to his wife
 "I didn't want to go there and build sand castles. I thought they'd have a lounge chair and a vodka and 7upsen for me", Wynona had unrealistic expectations

 "Mentally he's kind of fragile", Jamil thinks his brother is about to snap

 "I love playing in the sand", Joey arrive at the sand castles
 "Yea, you think you love playing in the sane. Give it three hours...", Idries know how fun it is

 "This is where being a mom comes in handy", Beth has experience building sand castles

As teams find clues and leave the remaining teams have a harder time to find the fewer remaining clues.

After having spent more than 3 hours digging in the sand under the scorching sand the three remaining teams have had enough. They all agree to quit the task and take the 4h penalty.

 "I know Matt and I can win this canoe race. I mean we canoe all the time", Daniel is confident

Teams complete this roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)Jessica* & John     (1-1)2(+4)Bates* & Anthony    (1-1)3(+0)Dave* & Connor      (1-1)4(+7)Mona & Beth*        (1-1)5(-1)Pam* & Winnie       (1-1)6(+4)Joey* & Meghan      (1-1)7(-5)Idries* & Jamil     (1-1)8(-3)Chuck & Wynona*     (1-1)DNFMax & Katie*        (1-1)DNFMatt & Daniel*      (1-1)DNFCaroline & Jennifer*(1-1)         

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way down the
beach and assemble a
Va'a. Then, paddle down
the shoreline until you
see Phil and your first Pit
Stop - the Motu Cafe.

Warning!! The last
Team to check-in may
be eliminated.

--- End quote ---

Team must now run 50 yards down the beach and attach the outrigger to an outrigger canoe. Once their canoe is ship-shape they must paddle it over a mile to the pit stop. A local will join then in the canoe and handle the steering.

Assembling the canoe is fairly easy, just latch the parts together, there is basically just one way to do it.

The hard part is handling the canoe the water. The float is on the left side, but the canoe will easily tip over if you lean just a little to the right.

The trip across the lagoon looks awesome. This place really looks like a tropical paradise.

 "We're from the inner city of Chicago, we don't swim", Jamil doesn't feel comfortable about the canoe

Idries & Jamil not only tip over with their canoe. One of their fastenings comes undone, so they have to reassemble their canoe out in the water. Fortunately this is relatively easy to do.

The teams quitting the sand castle task do not have to wait 4 hours. Instead the ukulele guy give them their next clue at once and they are all off in a mad dash towards the canoes. They get their canoes in the water in the following order:
  9(-1) Matt & Daniel
 10(-1) Max & Katie
 11(-4) Caroline & Jennifer

They are not far apart so it's gonna be a tense race. Matt & Daniel tip over immediately when they sit down in their canoe so they fall behind the others. But once they get going they start gaining on the other teams. But then they tip over again, this time in deeper water. This time it is harder to get the water out of the canoe and to get back into it. By the time they are back up in the canoe the other teams are way ahead.

Teams reach Phil and the mat in the following order:
  1(+0) Jessica & John, win the two express passes
  2(+0) Bates & Anthony
  3(+0) Dave & Connor
  4(+1) Pam & Winnie
  5(-1) Mona & Beth, just after #4
  6(+0) Joey & Meghan
  7(+1) Chuck & Wynona
  8(-1) Idries & Jamil
  9(+1) Max & Katie
 10(+1) Caroline & Jennifer
 11(-2) Matt & Daniel, are eliminated

At the pit stop John have second thoughts about their alliance "We agreed we're gonna give the express pass to the second team of our alliance to cross the finish line. And although we want to stay true to our word, but at the same time we want to play the game smart. We don't want to just hand over advantages to other teams, so we'll see how things play out", I.e. he wants to eat the cake but still keep it.

According to the rules of the alliance the second express pass should go to Dave & Connor.

 "It's business in the front and party in the back", Chuck gets the title while describing his hair to Phil

Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer will have a 4h longer pit stop than the other teams since they quit the last road block.

 "And we get beat canoeing by two blond girls, I'm sure we're never gonna hear the end of this at the firehouse", Daniel

Note, edited to fix flight departure times and that it is of course Chuck who has the wonderful mullet and gets the title quote.

Chateau d If:

Wow!  Love it

Joey ?  (for the title)   

Chuck for the title, the mullet from the 70's!

What do the (+/-) mean please?

--- Quote ---Flight 1:
 1(+2) John
 2(+0) Jamil

Flight 2:
 3(+1) Connor
 4(-3) Winnie

--- End quote ---

And I agree, totally awesome!! :hearts:


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on February 23, 2013, 12:03:20 PM ---Chuck for the title, the mullet from the 70's!

What do the (+/-) mean please?

--- Quote ---Flight 1:
 1(+2) John
 2(+0) Jamil

Flight 2:
 3(+1) Connor
 4(-3) Winnie

--- End quote ---

And I agree, totally awesome!! :hearts:

--- End quote ---

It means that John caught up 2 positions (they were 3rd to rip open the Roadblock clue but 1st to sign up for the Flight, which is obviously Flight 1.)

And it should be self-explanatory for the rest of the placements :tup:


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