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Jillian heads downstairs back into the main bedroom to sleep..

 Emmett is playing everyone so far..

Save me speech

 Andrew it's been a twisted 64 days im proud to be representing the final 4.5 and  would like to make it to the final 4..  if you are voting vote for keeping someone  to help you get further in your game or that you think you cant beat them

 talla thank you.. blah blah

 Jillian and gary vote

 gary is first to vote.. votes to evict andrew

Jillian votes to evict andrew and the crowd boo's her

 andrew is evicted 2-0

Andrew is shocked  and says it hurts the back!! HURTS THE BACK!!

Andrew see's his brother in the audience

arisa you put all of your eggs  in your east coast alliance.

 Andrew i think jillian did that cuz she knew that emmett wanted that,.. and Dan got into emmett's head

 aris.. dan said that they put you up 2x's

 andrew refers back to teh twist of gary coming back into the house

 Arisa ther area  few people that have fallen victim to the JEMMET

 Andrew the what?? JEMMETT?? i like that

COmmercial and talk with the F4


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