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5 HG remaining.. New HOH  BRICK BY BRICK.. magnetic puzzle of BB house  19 pieces but only 1 solution.

Arisa tells the rules and makes sure Emmett understands..

Next Wednesday Dan Gheesling will be joining the HG with a sleepover

From the pics looks like Andrew was ahead :conf:

Join us over here where we'll be posting the results of the new HOH and updating of the live feeds! :waves:  ►,

4-24-13  aired show Dan Gheesling in the BB House

Emmett andrew you  are a huge man and  a comp threat and you are the only one who stands in the way  of me winning this game

 Gary you are a cat in this game . everyone gets 1 life you got 2.

 Andrew Emmett nominated me as a pawn.. that's talla's role  thanks Emmett

Gary i have came back for the 100g's..

 Jillian  it's up to Gary and Andrew to win POV

 Emmett i sit in the center of the house.. i am connected thru jill to Andrew and talla.. im the only one in the house that doesnt have any enemies.. and I have to keep it that way


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