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Andrew one of us are going home and it's going to be talla she has done nothing in this game

 talla I can tell that andrew is stressed out and im not leaving andrew is

 emmett as far as im concerned i kept up my end of the bargain.. and it's time for them to  fight for themselves

Emmett working Andrew for jury votes

Andrew thinks if Talla goes that gary and talla wont team up

Emmett Im pretty sure you'll be fine

 Andrew what do you mena? I SHOULD BE FINE? we should be at the F3 ann then let the gmae play out

Andrew works over gary. They are locked and loaded ( meaning Jillian and Emmettt)

 gary I dont know what Andrew is saying if he wants to work with me he needs to come to me with  a serious plan not this QT stuff

Andrew and talla are getting snippy with each other

 Talla what bugs me is that andrew has a smirk on his face.. he thinks he's better than me

 Andrew in the DR I am better than her in this game

 Emmett goes and throws his arm around Talla while she was going back n forth with andrew

 Jillian  I need to walk away from this  so that  nothing happens

 Andrew blows up  on Talla and Emmett feels he needs to diffuse the situation

Jillian doenst want to keep talla in the game that she wants andrew and he deserves to be in the F3 with them..

Jury house.. topaz  im so happy that gary is back in the house it's gonna get crazy.. i hope he gets HOH and puts up emmett and andrew or jillian..

 Alec the only thing i have thought about is going back into the house and ripping everyone apart..  im surprised that i haven't been picked going back in

 Alec I hope  gary doesnt trust Emmett

 Topaz  he only trusts emmett

 Alec tells them of the Shield..

 Topaz you the emperor of douche

Topaz wnats peter in the JH cuz he had a chance to save her and she didnt

 Peter i get to hang out  with alec now

 Peter.. where's gary

 topaz  he got voted back into the house

 peter tells them that jillian  promised on her life

 Aj ahh jillian up'd her anti

 Peter i watned to use the veto on you but that's when i was trusting emmett

 topaz it's my fault that i didnt ask peter

 Alec at this point now i think it's going to be gary and emmett alliance


AJ maybe being   students of the game we over analyzed in the game..

Talla's twin sister  and mom


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