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Familiar faces  talk BBcanada

Hayden says everyone wants to win the car and they have had more twists than he's ever seen on BB

 Janelle wants Jillian to win

 Rachel says that take Talla to the end and wants Jillian to win

 Ian wants Peter to win

 Rachel says they should do a US vs Canada version

More pics of our BB USA Vets!!  :conf:

Talla pleads her case to stay.. ask yourself who would you like to move forward with in this game

Peter  just looks around at each person and then does his cryptic shield sign

during the week he said and hugged everyone knowing he was doing this

Andrew votes to evicts peter and does the shield sign

 Emmet votes to evict Peter

Peter does some wierd speech about peter brown is not here and this is not an exit  and he walks up the stairs 2 by 2  and when he exits the house he goes to the crowd to amp them up

 Peter has been writing FATE with his symbols  on his hand signs

Peter it's hard playing with idiots.  I like emmett alot i hope he wins the rest are largely idiots

peter thinks all of his moves were no good since he  is sitting there outside the house

 Says that  andrew  is lucky he is there talla doesn't know what game she is playing  and jillian thinks that  winning HOH means winning the game but that's not  so

 Arisa.. commercial and when we come back Jury house!! :jumpy:


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