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Dan play hard..  people want to see that in the game

 but says I want to see one of you to make a big move

 Dan leaves

Emmett asks Talla  if she would vote out jill if he puts her up

 Emmett this could  be risky.. if she found out she would get sketchy.. my whole point of having that convo was to make talla happy and bring her closer.. cuz things are getting bumpy

POV Ceremony

Andrew I dont trust Emmett is he  thinking of milk or what?

 Talla Emmett will put Jill up not me

 Emmett big risks big rewards i can put jill up.


Andrew why should I save you

 Andrew I would love you to use the veto on me and i know you have paid a heavy price to  win it and the people have voted you back in.. so i say you make a big move and not use the veto and let people in the house decide who they want to keep

 gary I use the POV on myself

 Emmett nominates Tall  says that there are only 5 people left in the game..

Emmett there is one week left it's time to fight for yourself

Live Eviction show 4-25-13

1 week away from the finale and we have so much to get to right now


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