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Andrew and talla are getting :catty:

Peter likes that Andrew and talla are :bags:

Andrew in the DR if I keep the little monster..

 Pter this may work to my benefit.. I  may be able to talk to andrew and say that Talla doesnt deserve to be here and that I do
Emmett jillian doesn't trust.

 Peter she swore on her life that i was in the F4..

Peter I could have saved Topaz but  I didnt because for you 2

Emmett tries to talk to jillian into keeping peter

Jillian peter is scary you dont know what's going on in his head while talla has butterflies in her head  :lol3:

Jillian Talla would take me to the F3 no matter what cuz im the final girl no way she would take the guys


Peter trying  cause Choas as much as he  can

 Peter to talla can you  tell 10 people in the jury house why you should win the $$

 Peter rapid fire convo isn;t talla's strong point and now I can take back this information to jillian

 Pter I made her say what I wanted her to.. and that is she is targeting emmett and jillian and I can use this to my favor

 talla what if i didnt do that..

 Pter then you would be a fool

 Talla in the DR I dont know what peter is trying to do  but im not going for it

Peter then tries to run to jillian and she completely falls for it  :iok

 Peter to jillian  : ANDREW WILL WIN THIS GAME..

petter i have to put fear into jillian so she would take  me and emmett to the end

 Jillian talla would take me

 Jillian it made alot of sense and I kinda believed him.. maybe it is in my best interest to keep peter in the game

 Peter Emmett has alot of say over  jillian

 Emmett runs thru the situation and tells peter that jillian isn't going to make a decision without   running it  by me first


JIllian and Emmett are worried that Peter's"chaos theory" might be right


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