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Andrew picks up Talla and gives her a big hug!

Talla and Emmett go into the SR   Talla why'd you put me up

 Emmett incase peter won POV or got HOH and the camera moves over to Topaz

Arisa says alot of people expected Peter to use the POV on  her.. but Topaz knew pete was playing a different game. and I didnt win POV to save myself

 Arisa why did you get down from the iceberg

 Topaz I trusted Jillian I should have stayed

 Arisa you looked solid and you know this game

 Topaz It was my mistake and if i won my alliance would have been here in the house longer

New HOH - Fly the Coop

Basket of eggs with the names of the HG's that left.. put them in order..  thru the chicken wire with your fingers..  need 8 in the right order

Talla is dropping F BOMBS all over the place  :lol3:

Peter has 2 eggs already

Major twists is another power shift..  people at home get to vote back one of the Jury members back into the house  voting ends Tuesday night

Peter is ahead

Will post updates over at the live feed update threads,28693.0.html

Live Eviction show 4-18-13

@weeks and the show is over and who will walk thru the door with Power shift votes

Peter says that he's not thrilled to play with the rest of the players.. talla is undeserving.. Andrew was just lucky and Jillian is a lair.

 Emmett likes peter's speech

 Jillian choses talla as a replacement nom  after Andrew uses his POV on himself

Peter i have to fake to put on this emotional face to make jillian keep me

Talla is on slop and not happy

 Andrew says that talla  should be more happy and less self absorbed..


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