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Dan thinks they should start stabbing each other in the back

Dan runs thru who Emmett thinks can win  against in the end

Marsha the Moose talks to Dan

Marsha says Dan reminds her of Peter

Jillian runs game with Dan

Jillian has more blood on her hands.. and doesnt think she can win against Emmett

 Dan who do you think you can beat

 Jillian Talla

Dan everyone likes Emmett however if i was playing  this game i would stab him in the back right now

Gary trying to stay awake for 24 hrs  and completes that part of his POV

Gary worried that andrew is going to stay

gary what happened between when we talked and  now..

 Emmett is going to make like he's getting rid of andrew for gary

 Emmett to gary dont worry

 Gary im worried and im hungry!

 Emmett gary can't lose trust in me in the game so i have to distant myself from jill for a bit

Andrew thinks he's staying but Dan is telling him that  he cant afford to wait for jillian and emmett to decide his fate


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