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Jillian was made that fDan faked them out about sending someone home

 Gary grabs Dan right away

 Emmett says that he can pick Dan's brain

Dan behind the glitter  of gary there's a gamer in there and im gonna try and bring it out.. im going to  help him use his information from the jury house against the others

 Dan gary's best move is to align with Talla  and get one of the big players out of the game

The Price of Veto.. start with 30 points.. accept punishments to increase points..  No one can see what the other person is doing or their points.. or who buzzes in

 1) who is willing to cut up their clothes to earn 5 points  Talla

 2) who's willing to be a have not for the rest of the season for 6 points

 3) Prison  suit and ball and change for 6 points Gary

 4) Slop pass for the rest of the season..  give up 5 points  talla

5) stay awake for 24 hrs to earn 7 points Gary

6) Bathroom attendant to earn 6 points Jillian

 7) To win $1000 give up 9 points Emmett

 8)who gives up shower hot tub and pool for 9 points Gary

9)  accept a hair cut of BB choice to ear 11 points - Andrew

Talla is cutting up her clothes  andrew  wanted something more revealing

 Andrew gets cut by Dan

gary wins POV

Andrew is not happy  that gary won POV and that talla will be up next to him

 Emmett Gary has won POV and  i have to keep him close now

 Talla Dan has told me to get my scheming on and who better than to scheme with is  gary

 Talla promises not to put Gary on the block gary makes a deal and says  that he has to keep his prmise away from jillina and emmett

 Emmett wants jillian to cause disention between talla and gary

 Emmett i wnat Jillian to trick talla that she is in with us but she is reeally not

 jillian i dont think i can do it.. its not in my

 Emmett who cares Jill it's a game.. just fake it

  Emmett Jillian is a threat.. im trying to keep her in the game

Jillian Emmett needs to not stress out so much.. the more someone has stressed out  that's when they have left the house


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