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Name: Jillian MacLaughlin
Age: 27
Hometown: New Glasgow, NS
Occupation: Teacher
Three adjectives that describe you: Hyper, easygoing and driven
Why did you want to be on Big Brother Canada?
My friends and family. I just got out of a long-term relationship a year ago and when we heard about Big Brother Canada they told me I had to do it to shake up my life.
Do you have a strategy going into the house?
My strategy is to have no strategy at all! With a diverse group of people the dynamic is going to be completely different depending on who they are, so Iím just going to go in and try and make friends and plan as I go.
Do you think the physical or mental challenges will be more difficult for you?
The mental challenges will be tough for sure. I am the most unobservant person in the world so Iím going to have to try hard to remember every little detail.
Will you hide anything about yourself from the other houseguests?
No Ė Iím not a genius or a doctor. Iím pretty average, so I donít think I will be that intimidating for the other houseguests.
Describe your perfect day.
Wake up, have a nice cup of coffee, do some yoga, go to work , go out for supper with some girls and then head to a friendís house for some drinks and play games all night. This would all be in the summer too of course!
Whatís your biggest pet peeve?
When people mock me for being healthy. I hate it when they try and make me feel bad for working out or choosing the healthy option on a menu.

I Hope Jillian wins! :D


--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 02, 2013, 07:48:28 PM ---I Hope Jillian wins! :D

--- End quote ---

Me too! But I am okay with any of the three.

YES!!! Jillian won..  :conf:


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