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--- Quote from: theschnauzers on February 19, 2013, 01:34:59 AM ---The main thing to keep in mind, as we've mentioned in recent seasons, is that an increasing percentage of the available audience is recording shows to view later (a.k.a. time shifting) which is not included in the overnights; and the weekly numbers only include same day time shifted viewing (those are released on Tuesdays.)

The real numbers is the Live plus seven days number, which we're lucky to hear about at all although it has usually been once or twice a season. The advertisers use the live plus three day numbers to set advertising rates, which we often don't information on, either.

The most recent estimates I saw from Nielsen is that time shifting is now used by one half of all households.

So it's hard to figure out what value the numbers have these days, but this is all we have to work with.

--- End quote ---
I have a source who gets the numbers each week.  I was just to busy with real life to post any of them last season.

And a correct it isn't the Live plus 3 that sets ad rates.  It's the Commercial plus 3 that sets ad rates.  I have only ever seen this data for TAR once, and only a handful of times for any other show.  Generally the C# rating is going to be close to the results that are reported as Live Same day.  Sometimes a little lower, sometimes a tiny bit higher.

The reason is that the Live Same day numbers include a substantial number of people who use DVR to watch TAR that same night.  But only about 20% of those viewers count as thats the typical average who don't skip commercials.  Even with 3 extra days, of DVR viewing, due to the large number who skip commercials its usually just enough to push the data to equal the live Same day  numbers.

Ad buyers don't give a crap about the Live version of any numbers (the exception is those ads that are built within a show, product placement, like the beautiful Fords, that Damned Gnome from Travelocity and various airlines). 

TAR also generally doesn't gain much in viewers even for the program after the first day.  Programs that are weekly competitions (survivor, TAR, American Idol, ect) generally have smaller percentage growth then scripted programming, as their does seem to be a rush to get the viewing in as fast as possible.

But overall even with DVR viewing, network tv is still losing viewers each and every year on average.  So you can't just compare the results of one week to the previous year.  You need to compare how that show is doing in relationship to that network that year.  For example CBS is down big time this year (once you remove the Super bowl), TAR could actually have done much lower numbers and still be a solid, solid performer for CBS.

WOW!! :hearts:

THE AMAZING RACE 22 (P) (8:05-9:05 PM) was first in households (5.5/08), viewers (9.57m), adults 25-54 (3.4/08) and adults 18-49 (2.5/06).  Compared to last fall's premiere (on September 30, 2012), THE AMAZING RACE 22 was even in adults 18-49 and added +160,000 viewers (from 9.41m, +1%).   

CBS top programs of the week: #1 THE BIG BANG THEORY (an average 17.89m viewers), #2 PERSON OF INTEREST (14.87m), #3 TWO AND A HALF MEN (13.69m), #6 ELEMENTARY (10.98m), #7 2 BROKE GIRLS (10.90m), #8 BLUE BLOODS (10.73m), #9 MIKE & MOLLY (10.50m), #11 60 MINUTES (9.73m), #12 HAWAII FIVE-0 (9.64m), #13 THE AMAZING RACE 22 (P) (9.57m), #14 THE MENTALIST (9.42m), #15 NCIS: LOS ANGELES 8PM SPECIAL (R) (S) (9.23m), #16 HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (8.98m), #18 SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN (P) (8.94m), #20 CSI: NY (8.59m), #22 CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (8.54m), #24 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (8.39m) and #25 THE GOOD WIFE (8.35m).

Not forgetting on a SUNDAY NIGHT! :ghug:

wow we beat mentalist and ncis la

I'm very impressed that TAR finished 13th for the week. It's been quite a while since it finished that high. I'm thinking that that people wanted to see a tropical island during the middle of winter. Also, the promise of 3 people quitting probably got others to watch.


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