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The overnight ratings are out for the TAR 22 premier and it's both good and bad news (mostly good I think) depending on how you look at it. The raw numbers from

8 p.m.

CBS: "The Amazing Race" premiere (9.5 million, 5.6/9)
ABC: "Once Upon a Time" (7.5 million, 4.4/7)
FOX: "The Simpsons" (4.6 million, 2.5/4)/"Bob's Burgers" (4.1 million, 2.1/3)
NBC: "Betty White's Off Their Rockers" rerun (4.25 million, 2.6/4)

18-49 leader: "The Amazing Race" (2.4)

TAR tied 60 Minutes for most viewers of the night of the network shows but 60 Minutes had a slightly higher share of the viewers. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's down 14% from the TAR 20 premier last February and about the same as the TAR 21 premier ratings last fall.

Zap2it's take on the ratings:

The most-watched show on TV Sunday night probably wasn't on any of the broadcast networks. Nothing on ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC broke 10 million viewers, so there's a good chance "The Walking Dead" beat everything else on TV. The AMC series and the NBA All-Star Game on TNT probably will also have the top adults 18-49 marks of the night.

The premiere of the 22nd "Amazing Race" scored the best network numbers of the night for CBS, with ratings about even with its fall debut. "Once Upon a Time" and "Revenge" were up a little from last week for ABC, but they were still on the low side of their season averages. "The Good Wife" and "The Mentalist" were low for CBS as well.'s take on the ratings (not sure why their ratings are so much lower):

The new season of The Amazing Race (2.4/6) started off at LA’s Griffith Observatory however the series itself did not get off on its best footing. Down 14% from last year’s February 19, 2012 Spring premiere, Sunday’s season 22 debut was the lowest debut ever for the long running CBS series. Not that it was that much of a slide. The September 30, 2012 season 21 premiere of the global competition series garnered a 2.5/6 matching a previous Race series low debut. With CBS’ primetime Sunday delayed 5 minutes in the Eastern and Central times zones due to an overrun from PGA Tour Golf, last night’s ratings could see a greater than usual adjustment in final numbers.

As The Amazing Race hit a low, ABC’s Once Upon A Time and Revenge (1.8/4) rose from one last night. Without facing off against the Grammys, the fantasy drama was bopped up 5% and the late night soap jumped 29% from last week’s series low for both shows. CBS’s dramas however did drop on Sunday.  Back after three weeks, The Good Wife (1.4/3) was down 7% – hitting a series low for the show. The Mentalist (1.5/4) was also down, falling 21% from its last original on January 27.. Both network news magazine shows also took a hit last night. Airing just after 7 PM, CBS’ 60 Minutes (1.3/4) was down 28% from its February 10 show while Dateline NBC was down 33% from its last Sunday original back on January 6.  Otherwise NBC showed back-to-back repeats of Betty White’s Off Their Rockers at 8 PM (0.9/2) and 8:30 PM (1.0/2) and a Saturday Night Live In The 90s: Pop Culture Nation (1.4/3) special. Starting the night with America’s Funniest Home Videos (1.5/4), which was down 17% from last week, ABC ended Sunday with a repeat of its new Anthony Edwards conspiracy drama Zero Hour (0.9/2)

One good thing to remember is that we beat Survivor for the premier episodes. Survivor had 8.9 million vewers and a 5.5/9 ratings share last Wednesday.

Averaged more then Survivor.

Both both shows got the lowest rated premiere ever.  :(

But highest rated of the night.

GMR 602:
I think beating other shows matters more than the raw numbers....

I was out all afternoon with Lieb (she had her semi-annual vet appointment) and we also had to deal with an unexpected snowfall that could have led to an icy coat on the roads coming back home.

The main thing to keep in mind, as we've mentioned in recent seasons, is that an increasing percentage of the available audience is recording shows to view later (a.k.a. time shifting) which is not included in the overnights; and the weekly numbers only include same day time shifted viewing (those are released on Tuesdays.)

The real numbers is the Live plus seven days number, which we're lucky to hear about at all although it has usually been once or twice a season. The advertisers use the live plus three day numbers to set advertising rates, which we often don't information on, either.

The most recent estimates I saw from Nielsen is that time shifting is now used by one half of all households.

So it's hard to figure out what value the numbers have these days, but this is all we have to work with.

I really think they should have more shameless advertisements using social media etc. TAR getting more than Survivor is good news already.


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