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As always please remember that you may not (for security reasons) either ask for or give out LINKS to watch on the Boards.
But we do know that it is a challenge for some of you and will always try to help in a SAFE location.
If you need a way to watch OR can help with a way to watch, put your name here and I will add you to that location.
Do NOT ask if you are brand new here. For security, I cannot help you unless I KNOW in you have been a member here for more than 30 days, have at least 25 posts, and/or have talked to me directly. So please don't make me feel bad by having to say no.  :'(
I will work on adding you as time allows, may take me into the weekend...

 Unblocked Insider videos?    :kuss:

21's have all been removed by CBS, right now (or 3 days ago anyway), there were none left for 21.  :'(
Hopefully they will re-appear!
So let's add video info to our SAFE site as well and work on from there.

Ill register :)

**waiting patiently**

Register me too!


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