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Any Signs for Memory Challenge in the Finale?

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--- Quote from: Mattjimf on February 19, 2013, 09:16:10 AM ---Could be a donkey  :lol3:

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Isn't in wonderful we always have an awesome TAR predictor? :hearts:

Anyways, I'm starting to figure out it might be an animal memory task similar to the one in season 3. If so, we know the final destination is: Washington D.C. So can anyone check if there was a closure at the Smithsonian National Zoo during the final filming day? That's most likely the place where an animal MT may take place this season. Of course, the wordplay riddles can be connected to that zoo and it's one of the oldest in the US. Don't know why they wouldn't visit it. ;) .
please do NOT use spoiler tags in the spoiler threads, thanks!


--- Quote from: paradoxinee on March 18, 2013, 02:50:37 AM ---
--- Quote from: nyoman_sb1 on March 16, 2013, 09:53:33 AM ---it could be the animals. teams must remember animal that appear in every country. French Polynesian= Oyster, New Zealand= Dog, Indonesia= Monkey, Vietnam= Chicken, Botswana= Scorpions. what do you guys think?   :lol3:

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No way. Chicken is only in one of Detour in Vietnam leg. How can Pam/Winnie, Country Girls, Hockey Brother or Derby Moms know about that?

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Because it would have been mentioned in the clue (or the additional information). Given the chicken served literally no other purpose, it had to have been there for the memory task. We know they like putting pointers for the memory task in the clues - the flags from TAR9 and the country outlines from TAR19 - but what if they're hidden in plain sight this time? Plus we've had Detours and Fast Forwards turn up in the memory tasks before - heck, in TAR3's animal totem pole task, FOUR of the five animals were from Detours (the donkey from Leg 1, the horse from Leg 6, the goat from Leg 9, the manatee from Leg 10), with only the dolphin from Leg 2's Road Block sitting out.

I think animals could be a possibility. But our on the ground team saw NO evidence of the zoo being used.

Or there could be just no memory challenge like TAR 16 (the one where they place eliminated teams in order is not counted and is LAME), TAR 18, TAR 20... see the pattern? :tantrum :(

Seasons without a memory challenge always feel...incomplete to me.


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