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Any Signs for Memory Challenge in the Finale?

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Hey guys, after watched the first episode, have you noticed something that may be featured as the memory challenge in the finale? It seems that I couldn't notice one. Share your thoughts here! :D

I would probably have to re-watch the episode again; but doesn't seem to be.

i still think the different clue boxes could be one... or switch back to s12 memory were they have different items from each leg of the race

I think it's too early to discuss the final memory challenge (if indeed there is one) until we get more clues with the next couple of episodes - we shall have to see! I would love to see a final memory challenge involving the new clue boxes but they've been used a lot more in recent seasons so it's not something to lean on

We're going to check it every leg! But the sand castles seem like something , to me. Dunno why or what.


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