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Thanks Matt!

I suppose this is the best place for this. The cluebox at the Brandenburg Gate was clearly on the same spot as the Pit Stop mat from TAR6's Berlin episode. But was the alphorn player in the same train-station-adjacent field as the crossbow Road Block from TAR3? It seemed like it to me, but it's hard to tell when summer and winter look so different.

The pit stop mat for TAR 6 was on the Tiergarten side of the Brandenburg Gate. The clue box for TAR 22 was on the Unter den Linden side of the Brandenburg Gate in front of the US Embassy. The two spots are about 40-50 yards apart.

In TAR 6, teams parked their cars about 5 blocks east of the Gate on Unter den Linden and ran west, through the gate to Phil and the mat. In TAR 22, teams parked their cars on Elbertstrasse, south of the gate and ran north, then east through the gate to the clue box. Green line is route of TAR 6 teams and red line is route of TAR 22 teams.

Close but not exactly! Teams in TAR 3 stayed on the Grindelwald side of the river and ran east. Teams in TAR 22 ran south across the river.

(That hill up to Grindelwald, both for TAR 3 teams and for Joey/Meghan, is insanely steep (at high-ish altitude), and is a HUGE pain in the ass to climb, let alone run to the Pit Stop!)



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