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Alright! Let's get started here, shall we?

Last season's maps are complete and can be found here.

So the teams started at the Hilton, went a big round around Toopua Island in their water taxis, and returned to the Hilton...

Thanks to MrDeerShank and Mattjimf! I think we've got quite a few locations in Edinburgh!

Leg three! (Lots of people getting lost! I think I'll pass on those. But going up Mount Hutt might be the biggest navigational mistake this leg!)

It looks like the fishing is closer to the Detour Decision, but the path there involves a doubling-back, which means it's only slightly closer than the race-car driving.

Edit: Thanks Peach for catching the end credits!

Leg 4. Thanks to Nyoman_SB1 and Chateau!

I can't confirm the exact location for Sandy Bottom, but that's the closest match I've found.


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