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What an utterly beautifully shot episode.  Can't judge versus last season as I still have yet to watch most of last year (God, how I hate real life).  But the look of this episode was glorious, I think its the best looking episode of TAR (though in fairness a few episodes from earlier seasons might give it a run if they had been shot in HD).

As to the tasks, while I am not a huge fan of Random search tasks, I do like the use of double roadblocks as either the thrill seeker or the non terrified person is tasked with the relatively easy task.  Leaving the harder task for the normally the weaker member of the team.  I like that as it truly makes both members perform.  Even Detours can have one racer doing the majority of a task.

As for the Express Pass.  Frankly I don't hate it like most things (u_turn, Yield, all versus of those which I abhor), but I hate, hate the idea of time wasted on sucking up to people, or the use of it as power over others.  That completely and totally SUCKS!

Casting:  Oh why does casting so much suck on these shows.   Seriously since season 12 I have only been excited by three seasons cast.  Season 14, 17 and 19.  And desperately looking for a few teams to like out of the other seasons.

It's not a terrible cast, but its not a great one either.

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Lovely to see you, We MISS you!!


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