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Peach, the Masters are on 4/14, IIRC. (Rox beat me to it!)

Meanwhile according to my computer time, 60 Minutes started at 41 after the hour.

The masters may delay us, but won't cancel us like the CMA!

#CBSEyeAlert due to live #NCAA basketball Sunday new start time for #AmazingRace is 8:41East/7:41Central Zones ONLY

CBS EyeAlert stated that TAR will start 8:40 ET

CBS has just sent out an Advance Eye-lert that there may be a delayed start time Sunday for the prime time lineup due to live coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament.

At least the Augusta Golf Course has finally admitted 2 female members (including one-time former Secretary of State Condenezza Rice) so there won't be any protests to slow things down. :)


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