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that's right!

CBS has sent out an advance eye-lert this afternoon:

--- Quote ---CBS Sports live coverage of NCAA Basketball on Sunday will likely delay start times for 60 Minutes, The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and The Mentalist.

If so, you will receive a message on Sunday with exact details of revised start times.
--- End quote ---

Consider yourselves warned!

The NCAA Sunday later game for the New York metro area (and I bet for much of the nation) is North Carolina vs. Kansas, with tipoff scheduled for 515pm pm. That means we could expect about a 715pm start time for 60 Minutes. However, these things could delay it:
1. an overtime for the prior CBS game at 245pm (Indiana vs. Temple)
2. overtime for North Carolina vs. Kansas
3. a CBS decision to also televise the ending of another game (note- this is unlikely to occur since the only other game in progress then will be Minnesota vs. Florida on TNT)


A delay in the Indiana/Temple game will not cause a delay for the North Carolina/Kansas game because they are being held in different arenas. (Indiana/Temple is in Dayton, UNC/Kansas is in Kansas City)

Therefore, the only things that will delay 60 minutes are scenarios 2 or 3 you had listed. Scenario 1 will not cause a delay in the CBS lineup.

The fact that the games are being held in different arenas does not mean that CBS won't get a delayed start from the NCAA for the later game it will be broadcasting.

I've got a potential conflict because my alma mater (Miami)'s game will be on TNT with a start of no earlier than 7:40 CDT, depending on how long the earlier game (with Florida) that is being played in the same arena. I have no idea how I'm going to handle the overlap as a viewer. I've already programmed my DVR to record a later broadcast of another show that airs a little later Sunday night on cable; fortunately that show is repeated three times on Sunday night.


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