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Post them here! :tup:

No TAR April 7 due to the Country Music Awards airing live!

For today, the Northern Trust Golf Tournament is on CBS. After 16 holes, 2 golfers are tied for the lead and there is a pack 1 stroke behind. The chances of a playoff are pretty good. The scheduled completion time is 630pm with a half hour for CBS News, but that could well be obliterated by the playoff. If it goes past 7pm, then 60 Minutes and rest of the CBS Sunday lineup will be delayed.

Mister RC:
TAR22 shouldn't be delayed that much compared to last season.  PGA Golf might delay it depending on whatever (the competition, playoff, etc).  IIRC, TAR20 was delayed last year due to golf (in addition to the Masters); probably the same tourney that's happening now (Northern Trust).

I think for the most part, we'll be alright.  The only delays that are pretty much definite will be due to the Regional Final and the Masters (before and after the annual one-week Sunday TAR off-day, respectively).  TAR on 3/24 may or may get delayed, based on whether basketball is on CBS, TBS, TNT, or TruTV for its late game.

Mister RC:
Yep, this is the same tourney that pushed things back last year (which results in the best ratings for TAR20)


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