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TAR 22 Post-Show Video Interviews and Exit Interviews

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Hey TAR FANATICS!!!! :waves:

Once again I was lucky enough to be brought on to another project! :conf: 

I am looking forward to showing you all the fun stuff with the  EXIT INTERVIEWS we will be getting from the TAR 22 Racers by video.

Eric Curto at @RealityRecaps  Is to be credited for all the work  and like he puts it " I'm his sidekick!" :lol3:

Here is our first of interview review with Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Nadiya and Natalie Anderson

EXCLUSIVE: Amazing Race 22 Cast Preview PT1 (w/ Last Seasons Beekman & Twins

credit to

Feel free to post all your comments here or on the youtube site! You never know what Racer will be visiting the RFF Board or watching these videos!!

P.S. To get the best quality that there is for your viewing  pleasure, select the sprocket on the YouTube lower task bar and select the highest quality available for you!


Hey everyone. I know we are all super fans of this show and I wanted to share this amazing podcast / webshow that discusses and recaps episodes of The Amazing Race. The hosts are super entertaining and passionate about the show so I find it extremely easy to listen to them and I find myself really enjoying what they have to say.

Let me know your thoughts. I personally love it.

Will watch it later!!!  :hrt:


--- Quote from: Declive on March 05, 2013, 04:01:08 AM ---Will watch it later!!!  :hrt:

--- End quote ---

Awesome! Let me know your thoughts!!

Check Out the AfterBuzzTV AfterShow for The Amazing Race!!! The hosts are awesome, informative, opinionated and I'm anxious to see what "special guests" they can get on their show!!!


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