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The Amazing Race - We're in a Ball Pit

Teams dive in the ball pit for the final challenge.

The Amazing Race - Such a Beautiful Gift

Jennifer and Caroline are eliminated, but thankful for being part of the Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race - Covert Ops

Bates and Max look for their briefcase in a covert ops roadblock challenge.

The Amazing Race - The Honeymoon is Over

Newlyweds Max & Katie sum up their experience running the Race.

The Amazing Race - This is Absurd

It's a race for last place between Roller Derby Moms and Country Singers.

The Amazing Race - Final Destination

Newlyweds Max & Katie try to guess what U.S. city they're going to and Max even offers a friendly wager to his wife.

The Amazing Race - Katie in Control

Katie happily tells Phil that she needs to keep Max in line.

The Amazing Race - Not What They Ordered

Bates and Anthony have trouble serving the correct meals to the dining patrons.]

The Amazing Race - Use Your Feet

Katie struggles to swim in the bog water while Max cheers her on.

The Amazing Race - Bog Snorkeling

Bates and Anthony go bog snorkeling in a roadblock challenge.

The Amazing Race - Jen Hates Swimming

Jen struggles to complete the bog snorkeling task.

he Amazing Race - Enjoying It All

Country singers Caroline & Jennifer believe they had more fun and laughs than any team ever on the Race.

The Amazing Race - Second Place

Max and Katie arrive to the mat in second place.

The Amazing Race - Picture with the President

Max and Katie get their picture taken with the President.

The Amazing Race - Ridiculous Outfit

Max has trouble catching the ball in the baseball costume.

The Amazing Race - Missing the Train

In this deleted scene, the ferry arrives in Liverpool where Bates & Anthony get off to a slow start in the final leg.

The Amazing Race - Winners Celebrate

Hockey brothers Bates & Anthony celebrate their fifth and most important leg win with Phil and the other teams.

The Amazing Race - Proud Participants

They may not have won, but roller derby moms Mona & Beth were proud to be part of these final three teams.

The Amazing Race - Why They Did It

Roller derby moms Mona & Beth share why they wanted to run the Race.

The Amazing Race - Relationships Created

After Beth and Mona arrive in third place, teams reflect on the relationships they've created all around the world.

The Amazing Race - Closer Than Ever

Country singers Caroline & Jennifer didn't think it possible, but they're even closer after running the Race together.

The Amazing Race - The Amazing Brothers

Hockey brothers Bates & Anthony discuss what they take away from the Race beyond the million dollars.

The Amazing Race - Spray Paint Situation

Before having plenty of problems delivering dinner, Mona & Beth took a very short-lived shot at spray painting.

The Amazing Race - Blinded by the Mud

Katie talks with Max about the difficulties of bog snorkeling and how he helped her through it.

The Amazing Race - Four Little Minutes

Watch a longer version of how Caroline motivated and encouraged Jennifer to return to the bog and finish the Roadblock.

That's all folks for season 22! Once again, huge congratulations to Bates and Anthony. Will be back in September for the premiere of season 23!


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