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The Amazing Race - Speed Bump Bowling

Beth and Mona face a bowling challenge for their speed bump.

The Amazing Race - Nice and Seasoned

Caroline and Jen talk to the poet as they make their haggis.

The Amazing Race - Happy In Scotland

From stick shift driving to boyfriends and bagpipes, Caroline & Jennifer have some fun chat with Phil after a challenging leg.

The Amazing Race - Not Getting It

Joey & Meghan don't understand why other teams didn't U-Turn Bates & Anthony and tell Phil who they want to win it all.

The Amazing Race - A Hard Day

After surviving a Speed Bump and a U-Turn, Mona & Beth are thrilled to still be racing.

The Amazing Race - Pick A Number

After trying to guess the greeter's identity, Bates & Anthony play the number game with Phil.

The Amazing Race - Who to Choose?

Waiting for their connecting flight, Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer decide who they should U-Turn.

The Amazing Race - How She Did It

Caroline shares how she managed to overcome her difficult day at the Roadblock with the help of Jennifer.

The Amazing Race - Life Changing

Roller derby moms Mona & Beth look at the bigger picture and how the Race has given them a new perspective.

The Amazing Race - Back To Back Wins

Newlyweds Max & Katie tell Phil how they managed to beat Bates & Anthony to the mat.

The Amazing Race - The Road Warrior

Max explains why he knew to book airline tickets in a hotel business center instead of the airport unlike Joey & Meghan.

The Amazing Race - The U-Turn Situation

After U-Turning Joey & Meghan, Bates predicts who he thinks would win between the Youtube hosts and Mona & Beth.

The Amazing Race - All Things Scottish

In preparation for his visit to Edinburgh, Bates lists everything he knows about Scotland.

The Amazing Race - Adventure of a Lifetime

Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan try to put in words what running the Race meant to them.

The Amazing Race - Unbelievable

Max & Katie still can't believe that other teams didn't investigate to find earlier flights like they did.

The Amazing Race - Playing Dirty

Caroline explains why she's not happy with Mona & Beth.

The Amazing Race - A Game of Integrity

Roller derby moms Mona & Beth share why they would never U-Turn Joey & Meghan.

That's all folks. Enjoy! One more week to go!

The insider videos will be an hour later than usual due to the two hour airing of the episode. So I have to wait until 1am.

The Amazing Race - Feeling Confident

Friends and rivals Max & Katie and Bates & Anthony talk to Phil about making it into the final leg.

The Amazing Race - Dig Deep

Mona panics while swimming through the bog and completing the challenge.

The Amazing Race - Official Winners of the Amazing Race

Bates and Anthony are the official winners of the Amazing Race and win the $1 million dollar prize.

The Amazing Race - How's My Butt Look in the Baseball

Mona and Beth try several attempts to complete the baseball challenge.

The Amazing Race - High Flying Game of Catch

Bates tries to catch a baseball at Nationals Stadium while wearing a big baseball costume.


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