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The Amazing Race - Train Trials

Joey and Meghan struggle to get their train around the track in a detour challenge.

The Amazing Race - Busted Letter

Anthony cracks his neon letter while carrying it to a local museum.

The Amazing Race - Lost The Boys

The Country Singers lose Bates and Anthony while following them to the next clue.

The Amazing Race - H.A.L.T.

Caroline explains the acronym H.A.L.T. and how many symptoms she has at the moment.

The Amazing Race - Seeing the Suspect

After Bates' bag is stolen, Beth thinks she may have seen who did it.

The Amazing Race - Home Sweet Home

With no other teams around and nowhere to go, Joey & Meghan find warmth anywhere they can.

The Amazing Race - The Duke Helps Out

Jennifer explains how she knew the answers in the Ford Fusion texting challenge.

The Amazing Race - Finally in First

From Kennedy and Reagan to grandma and hotdogs, newlyweds Max & Katie celebrate with Phil after winning the leg.

The Amazing Race - In Her Head

Different strategies in getting directions led to frustration between Caroline & Jennifer in Berlin.

The Amazing Race - Wanting to Win

The bigger goal is making the final three, but newlyweds Max & Katie would like to come in first and win a prize.

The Amazing Race - Happy Ending

A long day for Bates & Anthony and Mona & Beth ends in laughter and hot dogs on the mat with Phil.

The Amazing Race - Letter Imperfect

Country singers Caroline & Jennifer give Phil a full recap of their Detour debacle carrying letters.

The Amazing Race - Letting Go

Roller derby moms Mona & Beth share their mindset as they go into the next leg now facing a Speed Bump.

That's all folks. Enjoy! Two more weeks and I'm free again until September!

The Amazing Race - Praying That We Are Not U-Turned

Mona and Beth find that they have been u-turned after completing the detour.

The Amazing Race - The Guy Really Likes Haggis

Max and Katie make haggis as a local poet recites poetry.

The Amazing Race - A Lot of Hot Air

Meghan struggles with playing the bagpipes.

The Amazing Race - Pressure vs. Wind

Max and Bates take on the bagpipe in a roadblock challenge.

The Amazing Race - Not Just Moms

The Derby Moms are first to the mat and the YouTubers are eliminated from the race.

The Amazing Race - Fighting for Last

The YouTubers and Derby Moms fight for last place after both getting u-turned.

The Amazing Race - Blowing Too Hard

Caroline breaks down during the bagpipe challenge.

The Amazing Race - Somebody Got on a Better Flight

The YouTubers and Derby Moms realize that other teams got on a better flight.

The Amazing Race - Working Our Barrels Off

Bates and Anthony carry heavy whiskey barrels in a detour challenge.

The Amazing Race - The Proof is in the Eating

Max and Katie eat their haggis after completing the task.


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