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The Amazing Race - I Could Live Here

Just from looking out the window on a train, Caroline is convinced Switzerland is the place for her.

The Amazing Race - Taken For A Ride

Newlyweds Max & Katie walk Phil through their strategy to conquer Cheese Hill.

The Amazing Race - Unexpected Ending

On the mat, Joey & Meghan give props to Wynona for her effort before sharing their own feelings on still being in the Race.

The Amazing Race - Absolutely Horrifying

Roller derby moms Mona & Beth compare their experience on Cheese Hill to when they saw it done the first time.

The Amazing Race - 30-Minute Penalty

Chuck and Wynona incur a 30-minute penalty that seals their fate.

The Amazing Race - Snowball Fight in Switzerland

In this Deleted Scene, watch Mona & Beth and Joey & Meghan arrive in Grindelwald and celebrate with a snowball fight.

The Amazing Race - Hanging From the Side of a Mountain

Teams face a terrifying roadblock challenge at amazing heights.

The Amazing Race - Missed the Connection

The Derby Moms and YouTubers miss their train connection.

The Amazing Race - My Cheese is Out of Control

Caroline struggles to keep her blocks of cheese on the sled.

The Amazing Race - Two-Week Anniversary

Bates and Anthony joke with the Country Singers about being boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Amazing Race - Uphill Battle

Katie struggles to climb the mountain and holds up other teams behind her.

The Amazing Race - Crawling on My Knees

Wynona has trouble climbing the hill and Chuck has his hands full.

The Amazing Race - Anthony to the Rescue

Anthony helps Caroline and Jennifer get their rescue dog on the train.

The Amazing Race - Weight of the Cheese

Teams use the weight of the cheese to push them down the hill.

The Amazing Race - Roll the Cheese

Wynona decides to roll the cheese down the hill as opposed to using their sleds.

The Amazing Race - Losing Strength

Wynona struggles to make her way across the mountain.

That's all folks for this week. Enjoy!

The Amazing Race - The Comeback Kids

What a difference a leg makes as Youtube hosts stand with Phil thrilled to be in second place.

The Amazing Race - Foot Race to the Mat

Bates and Anthony beat the Derby Moms in a foot race to the mat.

The Amazing Race - Stolen Bag

Bates realizes that his bag has been stolen while on the train.

The Amazing Race - Ultimate Free Fall

Joey and Meghan embark on the ultimate free fall to get to their next clue.

The Amazing Race - Legends of the Hidden Temple

Katie climbs through a scary labyrinth to get to her next clue.

The Amazing Race - Definitely Not Bill Clinton

The YouTubers and Country Singers struggle to answer historical trivia questions.

The Amazing Race - Misery Loves Company

Bates and Mona are so happy to see each other after a very long day.

The Amazing Race - Giant Funhouse

Joey compares the labyrinth to a giant fun house.

The Amazing Race - Telling Their Tale

Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan share with other teams the incredible story of their near elimination in Switzerland.

The Amazing Race - Base Fly

Max and Katie go on a 30-story base jump to get to their next clue.


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