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The Amazing Race - Wynona's Tough Start

In a deleted scene, watch as Wynona doesn't even make it to the starting line before getting injured.

The Amazing Race - Double Express Pass

John and Jessica win the Double Express Pass and reflect on their agreement with
other teams.

The Amazing Race - Wake Up Call

After agreeing to a 4-hour penalty, newlyweds Max & Katie and country singers Caroline & Jennifer breathe a sigh of relief for surviving the leg.

The Amazing Race - An Emotional Moment

On the mat, Chuck & Wynona get emotional as they talk about Chuck's father who recently passed away.

The Amazing Race - Settling for Second

Hockey brothers Bates & Anthony aren't happy they missed the first flight to Bora Bora.

The Amazing Race - Short But Amazing

Firefighters Matt & Daniel didn't expect to leave the Race so soon, but they enjoyed everything they got to experience.

The Amazing Race - Dave's Worst Nightmare

Dave tells Phil he had fears of never finding a clue under the sand castles on the beach.

The Amazing Race - Rocky Mountain Rollers

Roller Derby Moms Mona & Beth reveal their high altitude training regiment for running The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race - A Call To Prayer

Even with the hectic Race beginning, Idries, a devout Muslim, takes time out to pray.

The Amazing Race - Up For The Challenge

After finishing in second place, hockey brothers Bates & Anthony share their impressions of other teams and why they're running the Race.

The Amazing Race - Country Singers' First Impressions

At LAX, Caroline & Jen tell Mona & Beth their first impressions of the roller derby moms.

The Amazing Race - The Delivery Men

Best friends Pam & Winnie weren't offended by twin Doctors Idries & Jamil's failed attempt to hide their profession.

That's all, folks. Enjoy the videos!

The Amazing Race - Mullet on the Mat

Chuck tells Phil he's been supportive of Wynona while Joey & Meghan say who they think are the strongest teams on the Race.

The Amazing Race - The Negotiator

John throws future U-Turns into his Express Pass discussion with Connor.

The Amazing Race - Hoping For The Best

Father and son Dave & Connor discuss Dave's injury from the run to the Pit Stop with Phil.

The Amazing Race - Think About Today

While waiting to check out Caroline & Jennifer make a new friend who offers some good advice.

The Amazing Race - Keeping It Quiet

Dating couple Jessica & John go into further detail about why they want to keep the Express Pass alliance secret.

The Amazing Race - Starting with Sparkles

Country singers Caroline & Jennifer are starting the leg in last place, but that's not going to get them down.

The Amazing Race - History of Hockey

Dave asks hockey brothers Bates & Anthony about the teams they've played on.

The Amazing Race - Secrets of Roller Derby

Mona & Beth each reveal the three trigger words that helps them refocus when the going gets tough.

The Amazing Race - Waterlogged

After being eliminated, twin doctors Idries & Jamil talk to Phil about their fear of water and if they'll ever find a way to conquer it.

The Amazing Race - A New Day for Wynona

Married couple Chuck & Wynona discuss Wynona's difficult first leg.


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