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Just got up and checked again. Yup, those 5 videos is it for this week! So weird.

Ok I just found out there are more vids on but not you-tubed yet. Will keep checking you-tube as the day goes along to see if the rest gets posted. CBS is messing up big time this week!

 :hrt: your doing a great job Will.

The Amazing Race - Meet the Mullet

Newlyweds Max & Katie finally get to ask all the questions they have about Chuck's magical mane.

The Amazing Race - Can't Forget About the Fire

Two legs later, country singers Caroline & Jennifer are still talking about their failed Detour in Botswana.

The Amazing Race - Meghan's Emotional Breakdown

After barely surviving, Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan discuss what they learned from the emotionally taxing leg.

The Amazing Race - They Just Don't Understand

Mona & Beth and Joey & Meghan wonder why other teams aren't more worried about Bates & Anthony.

The Amazing Race - Tale of Two Relationships

Newlyweds Max & Katie comment on the tumultuous leg Chuck & Wynona had and how the two couples differ.

The Amazing Race - End of the Road

Married couple Chuck & Wynona reflect on their relationship and their experience running the Race.

The Amazing Race - Chuck & Wynona's Tough Day

After being eliminated, the married couple talk about the issues they've had with each other throughout the Race.

The Amazing Race - You'll Never Believe It

The best part about winning an intense race to the Pit Stop? Getting to tell everyone the story.

The Amazing Race - From Sand to Snow

Country singers Caroline & Jennifer chat with Phil after securing a spot in the top five.

The Amazing Race - Celebrating a Hat Trick

Hockey brothers Bates & Anthony make it three in a row after dominating on Cheese Hill.


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