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I found them...

The Amazing Race - More Snivelers

Roller derby moms Mona & Beth get on the wrong side of hockey brothers Bates & Anthony as teams await their charter flights.

The Amazing Race - New Fast Friends

Country singers Caroline & Jennifer have embraced the new welcoming culture and people of Botswana.

The Amazing Race - Change of Strategy

Newlyweds Max & Katie expected to be hated, but their strategy took a different turn after a rough start to the Race.

This is it for this week. Glad to find the rest of them!

Max's statement that "We expected to be so far ahead" indicates that he has not watched many Amazing Races since AR1, which was the only one when the bunching that occurred was natural and not forced by the time for tasks completion, Hours of Operation and mostly waiting at airports for flights built into the design for that amazing race.

The Amazing Race - Seriously Amazing

Best friends Pam & Winnie share with Phil what they will take away from running the Race.

The Amazing Race - Defending Champs

Hockey brothers Bates & Anthony chat with Phil about their water skiing Fast Forward after winning their second leg in a row.

The Amazing Race - Girls' Club

Caroline & Jennifer and Mona & Beth discuss the success of all-female teams and how Bates & Anthony fit into the country singers' plans.

The Amazing Race - Meet My Mullet

Chuck impresses the greeter in Botswana with his signature hair.

The Amazing Race - A Fantastic Finish

Joey & Meghan and Max & Katie chat with Phil after an unbelievable donkey race at the Detour.

I don't know what's going on with CBS, but the five insider videos I just posted might just be IT for this week. It covered all 7 teams. I am checking frequently now until I go to bed and again tomorrow. This is very unusual.

Just checked again, I think this is it for this week. Maybe because of the two week downage!


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