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The Amazing Race - Don't Cheer For Me

The honeymoon in Bora Bora hasn't been perfect for Max & Katie as they learn to work together.

The Amazing Race - Katie's Payback

After digging through sandcastles, Katie enjoyed watching Max struggle balancing on stilts.

The Amazing Race - The Little Pants

Beth shows Joey & Meghan and Bates & Anthony what she found in her backpack.

The Amazing Race - Disappointing Finish

Twin doctors Idries & Jamil wish they could have lasted longer but are proud of the example they set for their kids.

The Amazing Race - Paying It Forward

Best friends Pam & Winnie hope a good deed from the first leg will mean good karma later in the Race.

The Amazing Race - The New Game Plan

Best friends Pam & Winnie chat with Phil about where they go from here after nearly finishing in last.

The Amazing Race - Reliving the Skydive

Waiting on the dock for a water taxi, hockey brothers Bates & Anthony reminisce about the skydive with roller derby moms Mona & Beth.

The Amazing Race - Too Tired For Men

After two legs of the Race, country singers Caroline & Jennifer don't have the energy to go looking for men.

The Amazing Race - Fight Club Rule

Dave and Connor talk to John and Jessica about the Express Pass and their alliance.

The Amazing Race - Face Your Fears or Take a Penalty

Idries and Jamil discuss the option of taking a penalty rather than completing the underwater challenge.

The Amazing Race - Gave It Our Best Effort

After a tough day filled with water challenges, Idries and Jamil are eliminated from the race.

The Amazing Race - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The Roller Derby Moms search for a sunken chest.

The Amazing Race - Underwater Picnic

The Roller Derby Moms have a picnic in the underwater scuba challenge.

The Amazing Race - Jet Skiing in Bora Bora

Racers jet ski their way to the next challenge.

The Amazing Race - Lost at Sea

Pam and Winnie struggle with direction in the middle of the ocean.

The Amazing Race - Ruptured Achilles

Dave may have ruptured his Achilles while racing to the mat to meet Phil.

The Amazing Race - Rescuers Had to Come In

The twin brothers need rescuing after struggling with the underwater challenge.

That's all folks for this week. Enjoy! Until next week...

Kiwi Jay:
Are these ever going to be able to be watched by those outside of US? I thought we would be able soon but still no luck :(


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