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The Amazing Race - Start of the Race

Eleven new teams run to the top of the Griffith Observatory for the start of the Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race - John and Jamil Skydive from a Helicopter

John and Jamil are first to leap out of a helicopter at amazing heights.

The Amazing Race - Roller Derby Mom Mistake

Mona gives Max and Katie a leg up in the race when she mistakenly leaves an open spot ahead of her in the order of skydiving.

The Amazing Race - Teams Take a Penalty

Katie devises a plan for all three remaining teams to move on and take the four-hour penalty.

The Amazing Race - Beat by Canoe

The newlyweds and country singers advance with a penalty and the firefighters are eliminated.

The Amazing Race - Paddling to the Mat

The twins struggle to stay afloat in the canoe while Chuck and Wynona fly passed them.

The Amazing Race - Connor, Winnie, and Chuck Skydive

Connor, Winnie, and Chuck dive from a helicopter to get to their next clue.

The Amazing Race - Struggling Firefighters

The Firefighters continue to capsize in their canoe and realize they will be the last
place team.

The Amazing Race - Drive to LAX

In a deleted scene, teams face their first challenge: figuring out the fastest way to LAX.

The Amazing Race - Sandcastle Roadblock

Teams dig for their next clue by destroying and rebuilding a slew of sandcastles.

The Amazing Race - Express Pass Fight Club

John compares the Double Express Pass strategy to the movie, Fight Club.

The Amazing Race - Dave Enjoys the View

Waiting for son Connor to skydive, Dave enjoys his water taxi ride in Bora Bora.

The Amazing Race - What They Learned

Twin doctors Idries & Jamil share with Phil what they've learned from the first leg of the Race.

The Amazing Race - Love Connection?

Country singers Caroline & Jennifer explain why they want to get to know hockey brothers Bates & Anthony better.

The Amazing Race - Buyer's Remorse

Youtube Hosts Joey & Meghan aren't feeling well mostly due to spending money they probably shouldn't have.

The Amazing Race - Hard To Smile

Firefighters Matt & Daniel appreciate the experience, but are shocked to be the first team eliminated.

The Amazing Race - The Purple Fedora

Newlyweds Max & Katie get a good luck gift from a well wishing stranger at LAX.

The Amazing Race - Getting To Know You

At LAX, teams on the second flight to Bora Bora make their introductions to each other.

The Amazing Race - Girl Power on the Beach

Roller derby moms Mona & Beth and best friends Pam & Winnie officially meet while standing on the mat.

The Amazing Race - Have A Nice Trip

Between the starting line and the cars Meghan gets tripped up twice, but laughs about it afterwards.

The Amazing Race - Chuck & Wynona Look for the Clue

Chuck and Wynona scour the beach and ask a local if she has the next clue.

The Amazing Race - A Solid Comeback

After being in last place, Youtube hosts Joey & Meghan are happy with their sixth place finish.

The Amazing Race - Together Forever

With two Express Passes in hand, dating couple Jessica & John chat with Phil about their relationship, working together, and their first date.

The Amazing Race - Holding Their Breath

Dating couple Jessica & John feel prepared for any challenge that will take their breath away.

The Amazing Race - The Dancing Firefighters

Matt & Daniel make friends and entertain the other teams as they wait for their flight to Bora Bora.


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